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Sign To A Major Record Label, Or Be An Independent Artist?

This quiz is to determine whether you would choose to be signed to a major record label, or choose to be an independent artist out of your answer choices. Enjoy!

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  1. Would you rather have a low paying job with less restrictions or a high paying job with many restrictions?

    Low paying job, with less restrictions
    high paying job with many restrictions
  2. Do you like to work with a group of people, or do everything on your own?

    Do everything on my own
    work with others
  3. Do you think there should be certain limitations on what you can and cannot say in your own music?

    No, there shouldn't be any limitations
    Yes, there should be some limitations
  4. What is more important to you?

    Fame and Fortune
    Passion for music
  5. would you rather have complete ownership to your music, or partial ownership?

    Complete ownership
    partial ownership
  6. are you willing to take high risks, for low rewards, or low risks for high rewards?

    High risks, for low rewards
    Low risks, for high rewards
  7. Are you okay with others making money off of you and your work?

  8. would you rather have a variety of different distribution opportunities or be limited to certain distribution ways?
    Variety of distribution option
    Limited to certain distribution ways

Sign To A Major Record Label, Or Be An Independent Artist?

You got: Independent Artist!

To be an independent artist is a lot of work. you take on many task and responsibilities compared to a signed artist. You have all rights to your music and are freely to say whatever you like in your songs. your music is pure and shows originality! You are your own boss. Although you may not have as many as opportunities to help promote your music, you learn a lot along the way as you continue as an artist.

Independent Artist!
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You got: Major Record Label Artist!

Being signed to a label, means negotiations and contract signing. you are provided with workers who help you with many things an artist needs to be successful. starting with distribution, getting your voice heard, and creating the perfect image for you. For every album, and hit single, your record company will always take a cut in the money you make. they have all rights to your music and name, and limit you to what kind of music you'd like your fans to hear. They help you rise to the fame and fortune and guide you all through your success as a musical artist.

Major Record Label Artist!
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