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    #BestMeEver: The Ultimate Guide To Help You Become Your Best Self By Myke Celis

    You have always been told of the need to push yourself to the limits and break new grounds. Everyday people search for value and self-worth in others and that has often led to nothing but dead ends.

    Myke Cells

    However, value and self-worth are attained when you strive to become the best version of you. This has become the mantra of renowned life coach Myke Celis, who not only has dedicated his life to the course of self development but is also dedicated to pushing you to greatness and showing you amazing ways for you to become your #BestMeEver.

    Myke Cells is a committed mentor and life coach, known across the Phillipines for his amazing impact on the lives of top Executives, Celebrities and other influential individuals. His mission is simple; to erase the mindset of limitation and impossibility and help you become everything you've always wished for as you attain your #BestMeEver. Myke is vast in knowledge of the human psyche and is a highly competent and top-calibre Global Master Coach certified by several international institutions like the Life Coach Training Institute (USA), the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Coachology (Thailand).

    Already with five international titles in his #BestMeEver series, Myke Celis has the formula to take you from zero to a hundred, helping you go beyond every belief that limits you and giving you clarity on your journey to becoming your best self.

    Myke Celis is also an international mentor and life coach to many. His passion for helping the vulnerable in society is also evident in his free mentorship and coaching program for groups like the LGBT and unemployed. His fans and followers on Social Media are also huge beneficiaries of his daily words of immeasurable inspiration and wisdom. You can catch a glimpse of his impact on Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube.

    He travels the world inspiring and coaching people on how to break past the barrier of limitations and conformity and reveals in depth the crucial steps to becoming a revamped and renewed version of yourself poised to conquer the world.

    On his coaching website, Myke Celis reveals the keys to becoming your #BestMeEver in simple but very rich words and phrases. He understands the power of positivity and emphasizes that victory begins in the mind. You'll be amazed how easily you'll begin to find that transformation that many search endlessly for, and rarely ever find. Myke has done us a great favor by outlining a life changing guide that walks the talk; guide you towards becoming your best self.

    The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Your Best Self.

    Myke Celis believes that unmasking the best side of you is the only way to deal with everyday life's challenges as they come. Myke outlines unique characteristics that define your #BestMeEver, noting that your best self should be founded on;

    ● Self-love.

    ● Self-Acceptance.

    ● Self-Care, and

    ● Self-Worth.

    Myke Celis is an expert at teaching people about discovering their hidden greatness and embracing a new side of themselves. He has outlined the ultimate guide that will help you unravel that #BestMeEver within you. Here are some points to consider;

    ● Changing your Mindset

    Myke believes the first step to discovering a new you is by first having a new and improved mindset towards everything. He teaches that reflecting on the past and reliving regrets is the biggest disadvantage to change. Living in the present, as you maximize it by focusing on possibilities all around you is key. Choose to always see what is good.

    ● Accepting new Lessons

    Life teaches us great lessons everyday.According to Myke: “We live and we learn. That’s how we grow.” From the importance of setting the right priority to pursuing important life passions. Myke says accepting these lessons coming from a place of humility, as they come is key to you becoming your #BestMeEver.

    ● Establish a Strategic Well-Rounded Routine

    Myke believes that taking into account important things in life like maintaining a good bill of health, taking time to pursue your passion, meditate and reflect in between while creating meaningful connections can help you become your own #BestMeEver. It’s all about recognizing what really matters in the long run.

    ● Create a Concrete Action Plan in Alignment with your Goals

    Constantly changing and improving strategies towards achieving your goals and aspirations is pertinent to you becoming the best version of yourself.

    ● Celebrate Every Win

    Myke says "You don't necessarily have to wait till all your goals are achieved before you find happiness". You can celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small they may seem, therein lies true happiness.

    Becoming your #BestMeEver should be your life's ambition. And you don't have to wait your entire lifetime to achieve it. You can start a session with Myke Celis today and watch your life transform for the best. You can also order for a copy of his life-changing #BestMeEver guide to help you enrich your mind and soul daily with the positivity you need to make that leap. With the help of Myke Celis, your ambition, your ultimate goal of becoming your own #BestMeEver, can finally become your reality.

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