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15 Things Only People Who Just Bought Their First Home Understand

"My cupboard, my rules."

1. Taking insanely long showers, just because you can. / Via


2. Walking from room to room completely naked, also because you can.

3. Doing this with reckless abandon:

4. But going into panic mode at even the tiniest spec of dirt.

5. Realising that you make the law.

6. And enforce it.

People who leave their shoes on after they get in the house don't deserve to be in my house. Get out of my house.

7. Developing a sudden passion for gardening.

8. Geeking out over home hacks and vowing to try ALL of them.

9. Thinking about everything in terms of paint colour palettes.

10. Understanding the importance of appliances.

I love my dishwasher so much I just found myself hugging it.

Via Twitter: @CylonFem

11. Shopping for furniture and doing your own "tests."

DaRealNette / Via

12. Getting super invested in neighbourhood events when you first move in...

13. ...but quickly realising you'd rather stay inside.

14. Then spending the entire weekend in pyjamas because no one is around to judge you.

They don't have to be animal print, but it helps.

15. After all, it's your house – you can do whatever you want.

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