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Stages You Will Go Through During Finals

It's that time of the year again, and no I am not talking about Christmas. Finals are here and so are our mood-swings, fake friends asking for notes, and having around 30 screenshots on your phone concerning a course material. Here are all the stages that you will go through during finals

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You will regret not listening (enough) in class.

Food will be your lover, your best friend, your comfort zone, and the best part of your day.

You will get irritated by the smallest details.

You will ask or be asked for notes.

You will start hallucinating.

You will convince yourself/others that eventually it will get better.

You will ask yourself: "why did I take this course again?"

And people will ask you to explain something to them...

But you just can't do it anymore!

You will spend your nights at the library or anywhere else on campus.

And in case you go home, your family won't recognize you.

Despite your efforts, you're still frightened.

But you stick to the idea that pain is temporary, GPA is forever.

You will surely want to get out of an exam. #WhatTheHellisThis #DidNotSignUpForThisDisaster

You will wonder why the professor included something she/he said you don't have to study.

And you will wish and pray for the nightmare to end.

You will wonder if you can make up this test that you did at the very beginning of the year...or that presentation...or that extra homework

BUT you can do it, so remember to smile.

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