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Which Yaz Are You?

As inspired by Anthony Kuykendall, I am procrastinating studying for my understanding music final at 8am and have also decided to make a quiz to see which Yaz you are?

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  1. What are you doing after finishing classes on a Friday afternoon?

    Drinking natty light with the bros
    Just chillin' in my hammock
    Making phone calls for Hillary
    Thinking about all the great things you could be doing for people in the future if only you had more influence
    Being forced to go to your cousins' house
    Going for a hike
  2. How do you procrastinate studying?

    Playing video games with the homies
    Stopping by the frat house for a few drinks
    Researching how Democrats are supposed to win 2018
    Applying for internships and dreaming of all the cool things you could be doing with your life
    Researching your next nature trip
    Worrying about distant family living in a 3rd world country
  3. Best place to grab lunch?

    The Senate cafeteria, hopefully you'll run into Kamala Harris
    In-n-Out, because where else would you go?
    Beefsteak, wonks gotta stay healthy
    TDR, so you can swipe in the bros
    The Shawarma shop
    Grab lunch? Make your own over the campfire!
  4. What is your drink of choice?

    Beer, gotta stay trashy to get trashed!
    It doesn't matter as long as we can celebrate Trump suffering a political defeat
    A freshly squeezed all-natural organic kale and spinach juice from the local farmer's market
    Blueberry smoothies...aren't they supposed to help your memory?
    Water, gotta stay hydrated!
  5. Best place to study?

    Your local library
    The Library of Congress
    Wherever your assigned study hours are
    The KPU office
    Your Church (always studying that Bible!)
    On a park bench
  6. What is the best place to go for a weekend trip?

    Pennsylvania, to canvas for Hillary, duh!
    Who has time to take weekend trips?
    A national park
    Somewhere new
  7. Quick, name your least favorite kind of person!

    The person who is not chill whatsoever
    The person who is trying to ruin your political future
    The candidate who is a Republican
    The person who can't handle their alcohol
    The family members that always get into fights
    The group hikers that take up the whole trail
  8. You have ten seconds to name every president of the United States. What do you do?

    Psh! Who doesn't know this?
    I can name the Democrats...
    Why does this matter? I just wanna play with my dog
    Umm Lindsay Graham was a Pi Kapp and he ran for President...does that count?
    I had to know these for my citizenship test!
    The only important one is Teddy Roosevelt

Which Yaz Are You?

You got: Yaz, the Democrat

Congratulations! You're a good person who gives a shit about other people and is trying to implement Democratic policies for the good of this nation. You love getting into pointless arguments with other Democrats who think the exact same way as you but have insignificant differences on specifics. Mitch McConnell is the enemy, and Paul Ryan is just a failure. Glad to know I am not the only one in love with Hillary...

Yaz, the Democrat
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You got: Yaz, the Ambitious Wonk

Congratulations! AU was literally the best choice for you. You're a wonk at heart and always try to prove people wrong because you definitely know it all because you've taken one political science course. You're incredibly ambitious and move at a fast pace, but sometimes you get mired down by bureaucratic bs. You are truly doing things for the right reasons, but sometimes you make mistakes and people get suspicious and think you're in it for your own personal power struggle. Oh well, you'll keep fighting anyways (but only after you get pissed the fuck off and tell everyone you're quitting SG).

Yaz, the Ambitious Wonk
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You got: Yaz, the not-so-fratty Frat Boy

Congratulations! You're a brother of Pi Kappa Phi, but this is AU, so are you truly in a real frat? You like to party and climb on roofs, but really you're the most fake frat boy ever. Do you really know the difference in beers? No, but you'll pretend like you do to impress your brothers and the girls at your parties. Have you ever actually been drunk enough to puke? No, but you'll exaggerate stories to make it seem like every night is a wild night. It's okay though, because you're surrounded by great brothers and get to drink whenever the hell you want! Cheers to that, am I right? Now let's go to happy hour.

Yaz, the not-so-fratty Frat Boy
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You got: Yaz, the homesick California Boy

Congratulations! You're from California dude. Not many people know it, but you used to live a much simpler life. You were into photography, hiking, hammocking, going to in-n-out at 1am, and eating avocados on a daily basis. These things were just so chill, and DC is the opposite. You can't wait for finals to be over not because they suck, but because you want to go back to the bay and play video games while kicking back in your hilltop house. All you want is to drive through the mountains blasting Coldplay late at night while enjoying the stars with some good friends. Maybe you'll drive to San Francisco just for the hell of it. Who gives a shit about having a productive day, just chill and love life.

Yaz, the homesick California Boy
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You got: Yaz, the Arabian

Congratulations! You're probably not white, which is great! You understand the struggles that POC deal with on a regular basis. You may have to shave your beard prior to every flight you take, while also being told to keep it by white people who don't understand the implications of being an Arab with a beard in America. You may be trying to make it big in life, but constantly worry if your identity will prevent you from doing so. Because you were not born in the United States, you can never be President. Sad!

Yaz, the Arabian
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You got: Yaz, the Adventurer

Congratulations! How are you taking this quiz right now? Shouldn't you be off in the mountains with no service? You're probably reaching new heights and exploring intriguing destinations. You are always researching the next interesting place to go, and often drive around just to enjoy exploring the area around you. You constantly push yourself to new heights, but sometime almost die of fatigue/altitude sickness. The coolest hiking spots in the Bay Area? Hiked. Climbed Half Dome? Somehow. You're so adventurous that you wanted to move across the country for college! The question is, where will you go next?

Yaz, the Adventurer
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