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12 Most Influential Hijab Fashion Instagrammers You Need To Follow

The wonderful existence of Instagram has brought us hours of amusement, scrolling through images of cats, food and passing our time watching funny videos. While Instagram has been responsible for creating various trends, we are witnessing a new trend of another kind; an incredible emergence of what are called “hijabis” but who also have a good sense of wearing the hijab in a fashionable way, aka having a chic look. Hijab fashion is becoming widespread, and the modest fashion blogosphere has grown tremendously in recent times! Modesty as an idea is making massive strides in helping young girls find innovative methods to express themselves in a fashionable way while keeping their modesty and Islamic identity intact. To assist you to find hijabi bloggers that best inspire your own style, here’s a list compilation of 12 of the world's most influential hijabi Instagrammers of the current age:

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1. Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi is an undercover fashion designer, entrepreneur and hijab style pioneer having an unbelievable eye for fashion. She combines gorgeous black embroidery along with other conventional methods with luxe accessories and extended lines to get a look that feels refreshing, enjoyable and just the perfect quantity of fancy. With almost 4 million followers, the Indonesian designer might be among the most followed Muslim style icons on Instagram. Follow her feed to get an inside scoop of her world tours.

2. Mrmr

Mrmr is a Kuwaiti networking influencer who has a great sense of style. She also writes articles about beauty and way of life. If you are searching for a high-end style inspiration, Mrmr's Instagram account is the best place to find your inspiration.

3. Basma Kahie

Basma Kahie is a wonder guru and fashion designer located in London. We love the way she infuses chic monochromatic ensembles with retro glam flair and provides vibrant details such as floral lace and prints for an eye-catching and diverse style.

4. Farah Emara

Want a bit of positive energy? Farah Emara is this youthful Egyptian hijab style writer, who is always flashing a huge grin in her movies on Instagram. Besides her really hip-hop fashion, Farah is also a sports junkie; you will find her posting a few of her exercise activities. Did I mention she is into art also?

5. Imane Alasry

Imane Alasry, located in Stockholm, Sweden, is known the "Modest Minimalist" - and for a good reason! Her minimal spin on hijab features trendy neutrals in flowing, and sporty silhouettes for a uniquely refreshing, Scandinavian-infused twist.

6. Nuha El-Quesny

Nuha El-Quesny is a youthful Egyptian-American spouse, mum, and fashion Instagrammer. She shares slips of her outfits, along with her small adorable family. Nuha is a huge inspiration to Muslim mothers searching for a loose and easy-going abaya online without compromising on their desire to look fashionable.

7. Ruba Zai

Ruba Zai is a hijabi blogger located in the Netherlands. She understands how to design modest hijab apparels in an elegant and hipster fashion. She gives her appearances a retro-cool vibe along with her usage of vintage-inspired details such as lace embroidery or 70s-chic suede vests, while her impartial palettes with pops of burgundy or red lipstick make things feel trendy.

8. Fatema AlAwadhi

Fatema AlAwadhi is another Kuwaiti hijab lifestyle and humble fashion blogger. She regularly posts about her travels around the most stylish cities in the world, strutting the roads in sharp, chic hijab looks. Fatema's designs are minimalist but very posh.

9. Nura Afia

Nura Afia is a Denver-based beauty and fashion blogger that made history last year to become the very first hijabi featured on Covergirl. Her emphasis on nominal silhouettes in classic colors let her attractiveness and expertise take center stage.

10. Ascia AKF

Ascia is among the top hijab fashion Instagrammers. What is cool about Ascia's Instagram accounts is the fact that it includes plenty of personality inspiration. Ascia not only inspires your hijab design, but she is also the proprietor of “Desert Baby”, a label specialized in accessories for infants in Kuwait.

11. Yasemin Kanar

Yasemin Kanar, located in Florida, is a hijabi fashion/beauty Blogging pioneer. Her laid-back style includes flowing silhouettes with color blocked details, infused with vivid colors and a distinctive knack for innovative hijab styling.

12. Dina Torkia

Dina Torkia is yet another Egyptian designer/hijab style blogger. She is based in Britain, and her style is a combination between shy and super modern. Dina Torkia does not shy away from announcement bits, embracing a broad array of rich color, intricate feel, and special silhouettes. On her Instagram account, Dina Tokio shares excellent styling suggestions, and her encounter with motherhood. Check out her Instagram account for the latest hijab fashion inspiration that's bold and fun.

Final Words:

So this concludes the list of today’s most influential hijab fashion Instagrammers. Is there somebody that you think needs to be added to the list? Follow these top hijab fashionistas on Instagram and make sure you keep ahead of this new trend of Hijab fashion!

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