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    13 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching 13 Reasons Why

    It's not just another high school drama *Contains Spoilers*

    1. They don't just hang out in their stereotypical cliques


    Sure, the football guys are all mates but one of them is a student body president while one plays a musical instrument (typically nerdy pursuits), and they hang out with other characters ‘outside their circle’. All the students get invited to the parties and mix together – none of them seem to dislike each other purely for belonging to a different clique

    2. They don’t all have cars their rich parents bought them or live in mansions with pools


    Except Bryce. Fuck Bryce

    3. The gay characters can be gay without some gay agenda

    A lot of fictional characters are gay for a specific reason; high school programmes often portraying the comical gay best friend sidekick or angsty teenage loner. Ryan addresses issues of being gay briefly and of course it is a big part of Courtney’s character, but Tony is just gay ‘cos he is. I haven’t finished the series yet but so far it doesn’t seem integral to the plot which is refreshing

    4. They’re not all Hollywood gorgeous


    With the exception of Sherri who looks glamorous 24/7, (I guess there is one in every school) the rest all look pretty average. Hannah is not stick thin or massive-boobed or anything really, she has a very average and healthy looking weight while the boys are awkwardly skinny like you’d expect. For once I can actually believe they’re normal students (I love Riverdale, but c’mooon)

    5. They all look their age too


    Or maybe I'm just getting old

    6. Their parents are actually involved in their lives


    They're not AWOL like One Tree Hill who seem to let their teenage kids do whatever the fuck they want. They ask nosey questions and impose curfews – a testament to the realities of a normal teenage home life

    7. They all go out with each other’s ex’s


    High school is nothing if not incestuous, and rather than it causing love triangles or dramatic rivalry, it just is what it is

    8. They don’t go to parties all the time or have incredible weekends


    We only really see two high school parties which is pretty standard really, and generally they don’t spend their spare time having more amazing social lives than we could ever dream of, even as adults. They have shitty jobs, have to be home for dinner and acknowledge the fact they actually have homework

    9. Jess makes zero effort with her looks


    Even pre-suicide she was never that fussed, she’s naturally beautiful and a cheerleader which in most shows would make her a glamorous bitch, but she’s neither. She aint dolled up to the nines, she wears normal clothes and has unkempt hair which is much more realistic to what normal teenage girls can be arsed or get away with at school

    10. There's a lot of diversity amongst the characters


    There's an abundant representation of mixed ethnicities and sexualities

    11. Clay gives no fucks to what people think


    He's one of the few good role models on teenage TV without trying to be. He's pretty geeky but accepts that, he's nice, easy to get on with, respectful to girls, studies hard and more importantly, doesn’t really care what others think of him or try to be someone he’s not. Popularity is not a concern for him and as a result he seems pretty well liked. We could all stand to be a bit more like Clay

    12. The Soundtrack


    Is epic. Seriously, if you watch it for nothing else but this

    13. It'll make you glad you never have to be a teenager again...

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