Save $220,000 With Dollar Store Crafts That Look Expensive

Why buy designer, when you can knock it off yourself? Save $220,049.97 with these expensive-looking but super cheap dollar store craft ideas.


This project was inspired by a similar set of plates that Anthropologie is selling for - are you sitting down? - a whopping $1,500! Create each plate yourself for about a dollar.

Money saved: $1499.00


Crack a single dollar store glass marble to create a jewel-like focal point for jewelry. Your cost: about two cents for the stone. It’s $299 for a 1/3 carat diamond necklace, but this stone is about 9 carats. We’ll just use the conservative estimate:

You save $298.98


This easy DIY was inspired by a $400 Michael Kors cuff and uses an unexpected material - a recycled can.

You save: $399, plus you get chili for lunch.


Spend $290 for a pair of Prada baroque sunglasses, or DIY your own with dollar store specs for about $10.

You save: $280


Buy a $150 light fixture at West Elm, or make your own for $7.

You save: $143


Pottery Barn-ish sectioned mirror. Make it for $10, or buy it for $299.

You save: $289.


Anthro’s version of the circle-y mirror is $428, but you can make a dollar store version for about $25, for a savings of…

$403 bucks!


Buy Mercura sunglasses for around $575. Or, DIY your own for about $3.

You save: $572

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Gild a dollar store bug toy and add some jewlz to make it all pretty, sparkly, and look like you spent way more than fifteen cents for it! Pop the bug on a ring or a pinback and you got yourself some stylin’ jewelry.

You save: Bank


Make this Anthro-inspired neon statement necklace out of… BEANS!

You save: $50 plus you get to tell your friends your necklace is made out of beans.


Confetti Tumblers: Spend $30 per cup at Anthro, or make your own for a dollar a piece.

You save: $29 per glass


Dolce & Gabbana sold out of their $476 bowtie pasta necklace, but you can still get the $60 version from Diana Eng. Or make your own. The pasta bowties cost like a penny.

You save: $475.99


If you spend $30 for plates at the dollar store, you can create this Anthro-inspired wall art for a savings of…



It’ll cost you about five bucks to make this teacup sculpture inspired by a piece at Urban Outfitters for $65.

You save: $60


You could spend $118 at Anthropologie for the “Fori” bracelet, or you could follow the instructions at Flamingo Toes to make this bracelet for a buck or two (depending on how blingy your craft stash is).

You save: $116


Recycle your old watch and a skinny belt into this charm watch, inspired by a similar piece that cost $165.

You save: $165 if you use stuff you already have in your closet!


Okay, as far as I know, you can’t even buy a wooden Macbook, although wooden it be nice if you could? (bah-dum-dum!). For a dollar store roll of woodgrain contact paper, you can personalize your laptop and look all faux bois (that’s “fake wood” in french). You can buy a wooden iPad case for $79, so let’s make that our benchmark for savings:

You save: $78


Spend $159 at Vivaterra for this quote pillow, or make your own pillow cover for about $3.

You save: $156


Spend $2 to make your own version of the world’s most expensive handbag, the Hermes Birkin, which retails for $200k.

You save: $199,998


Christian Louboutin designed the “Déjà Vu” heels - black slingbacks that are covered in googly eyes, and Kristin over at Glitter ‘N Glue made a pair of lookalike Louboutins featuring wiggle eyes. The Louboutins cost $1595, but you can make these for about $3 worth of dollar store googly eyes.

You save: $1592


The $6000 glass goblet chandelier is a bit too rich for your blood. Buy dollar store glassware, and rig your own light fixture up for about $24.

You save: $5976

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