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    • yannismichaelr

      So, what I hear is English immigrants with many years in US, criticizing other immigrants because they are different? From what? The English way of life? the English language? the English life style? If the article was written by a native American I would have more respect. Now it’s like an insult to all those people who came here and simply wanted to bring with them their own culture. That’s what made America what it is. Why Sweet 16 is better than Quinceañera?
      Why Bahamas is better than a homeland (where you meet your family?)
      Why the cheap & quick PB&J has to be “the lunch” for kids? That’s how much your family cares for their kids? Mr. Omri Rolan: Just try to go to a country as an immigrant and you will find yourself in the same exactly situation. so, cut this “cool” article because it reveals how shallow you are. If your imagination and your creativity does not have any boundaries and respect to other people, just keep it to yourself. Do not criticize things you do not understand. I am sick of your article.

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