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Cheese Heads Vs Graterheads: The Countdown To Who Wins.

Cheese Heads vs. Graterheads... Who wins? Everyone, that's who. Everyone wins in the name of one of the greatest sports rivalries in sports history. And everyone wins when cheese is involved. Get yours here at

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7. Origin


CHEESE: Cheese heads first appeared in 1987, at a baseball game no less. Chicago White Sox vs. Milwaukee Brewers. Cheese heads was being used as an insult against Brewer’s fans. Way to own it, Wisco! Sox should have known better than mess with the team during the Yount-Molitor era.

GRATER: Graterheads first appeared on Monday, November 4th 2013.

WIN: Cheese Head for being the original. It took Bear’s fans 26 years to come up with this. That's older than anyone who is watching the game in a Wrigleyville bar on Sunday.

6. Evolution, Baby.


CHEESE: Cheese heads have evolved into cheese earrings, cheese heads for pets, hell even cheese bras. An entire industry of cheese wares.

GRATER: Graterheads...good luck getting someone to wear a cheese grater bra. No. Thank. You.

WIN: Cheese Head. Enough said.

4. Where Wares Wear?


CHEESE: Cheese heads will really only be worn by fans of Wisconsin sports teams, mostly Packer Fans.

GRATER: Graterheads...these can be worn, at least one time per year, by dozens of other team fans.

WIN: Cheese heads. There are still more people who would leave the house in a cheese head than a grater head, all other teams combined. Wisconsin sports fans are vicious. (Badgers. Ahem.)

3. Would you like some cheese with that whine?


CHEESE: Cheese heads suffer first loss to the Bears at Lambeau since Favre. And we know how Packer’s fans feel about Favre.

GRATER: Cheese graters grate the sweet flavor of revenge.

WIN: Graters.

2. Do those graters come with capes?

GRATER:Cheese graters broke Aaron Rodgers’ collar bone. They have super powers.

CHEESE:Cheese heads freaked out, wondering if Favre would be willing to come back.

WIN: Clearly, graters take this one.

1. The Frozen Tundra.

CHEESE:Cheese heads have holes, because they’re swiss cheese.

GRATER: Grater heads have holes, because they’re cheese graters.

WIN: No one. Someone should create warmer headwear for games at Lambeau OR the Windy City.

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