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DIY Flip-Flops With Ribbon

As long as i known,everyone love beautiful Flip-Flops,when i bought a Flip-Flops for my daughter,i want make it more beautiful,so i dress up with beautiful Christmas Ribbon and some other thing.

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What you need

(1)flip-flop sandals

(2)ribbon Bows

(3)flowers, gems or other decorating ribbon


step1:first thing you must remember,you should make great design. Established the gun Decrease on its Connected stand and plug the cord into a wall outlet. Permit the glue gun to heat for about 7 Mins.

step 2: Maintain the glue gun's nozzle Straight above the Middle of Exactly where the sandal's two straps Fulfill in the Center of the flip-flop. Squeeze the trigger so that a Fall of glue Arrives out. Allow go of the trigger when the glue is in the Appropriate Spot on the flip-flop strap.

step 3:Arranged the glue gun Lower on its stand and Spot a Big jewel, flower or bow on the flip-flop strap. The glue will set Nearly Quickly and will Safe the decoration.

step 4:Location a Squirrel away of glue onto the flip-flop strap Instantly to the left of the Middle decoration. Include An additional decoration onto the strap. Retain adding Organza Ribbon to the decorations Till the Whole left strap has been Included with a row of decor.

step 5: Consist of the Right strap in the Identical Approach you Utilized to Include the Still left. Retain your Routine Colors coordinated in a pattern or Combine them up to make a Arbitrary, fancy Routine. Consist of the 2nd flip-flop in the Identical way, Creating a matching pair of sandals for your Small Female.

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