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13 Things All Community College Students Can Relate To

Community college: it's like junior high, but with more sadness!

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1. This is basically your college's cafeteria...

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2. ...and this is basically your college's gym:

3. You have the same professors as the local university students do...they're just more exhausted by the time they get to you.


4. You learned the hard way that transferring your community college credits to a university is a steaming pile of pure hell...

5. Your college's library contains three of your favorite things: books, silence, and absolutely ZERO other students.


6. You've taken your fair share of bizarre college courses just because you can.


7. You've learned to completely ignore the eye rolls and judgmental looks when you tell someone what school you attend.

8. In fact, just mumbling your school's initials is usually enough to avoid the awkwardness.

9. You have absolutely ZERO school spirit...and nobody cares.


10. Everyone commutes to community college, so you've definitely missed a class just because you couldn't find parking.


11. You have nightmares about group projects, because you just know you're going to get paired up with one of the many class weirdos...


12. ...or, even worse, one of the "nontraditional" students who seems too old to exist, let alone be in school.

13. ...but (most importantly) you have about $90,000 less student loan debt than your university friends!

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