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11 Tips For Surviving Every Part Of The Holidays

Whether you're attending parties or flying home, the holidays can really take it out of you. Learn how to make everything a little easier with great tips and tricks from Yahoo, where you can also find stylish, beautiful, and tech-savvy gift ideas.

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1. Look like you woke up like dis... every day: / Via

Dashing from holiday party to holiday party can mean skimping on much-needed beauty sleep. No worries! A caffeine mask can refresh tired skin — mix finely ground coffee with olive oil or honey, apply directly to your face, and let it dry before washing off. P.S.: Those gel masks work great too!

2. Make your liner last.


Hitting a party or gift exchange directly after work? No need to reapply your eyeliner before heading out with a pencil and felt-tip marker layering technique that'll keep your perfect cat eye going all day long and beyond.

3. And werk that bold lip.

Orion Pictures / Via

If you don't have time to do your full face before the party, put on some red lipstick — it's the color of the season and the best way to instantly glam up your look. New to red lipstick and feeling shy? Start out by trying out a red lip stain or gloss, which is easier to wear.

4. De-shmutz your shoes on the go.

Propaganda Films / Via

Whether you're wearing flats for a friendly Secret Santa or switching into your dancing shoes for your office party, you'll want to make sure they're as pristine as the wintery wonderland outside. Keep a mini bottle of lotion in your purse and rub it on your leather shoes for a quick refresh — it works like a charm!

5. Kickstart your morning with a smooth(ie) move.

Starting off with a vitamin-packed smoothie will keep you sated while you wait all day long for the pot roast to finish. Banana, kale, almond milk, and almond butter make a great combo — so do all three of these delicious and nutritious recipes.

6. Move your body on the move.

Once eatin' time rolls around, Aunt Edith's fruitcake and all that eggnog will inevitably leave you feeling bloated. With easy-to-pack tools like grip socks for yoga, you can easily work out without hitting the gym. P.S.: You can consider this your excuse to get seconds of pie.

7. Use your friends as guinea pigs.


Invite your friends over for a practice run of any new recipes you're planning on using. Butternut-squash lasagna, awesome gluten-free Coco Kookies — whatever's on the menu, give it a trial run before the main event to avoid a surprise the day of! Bonus: everyone will love you times two!

8. Make sure your party's a *hit* with festive tunes.

Kate Clapp, / Via

Sure, a specially and painstakingly curated playlist will show your guests you really care, but who has the time for that? Make this to-do easy on yourself and let technology take care of the details with one of these holiday-inspired stations. Extra points if your party is an affair of the sweater variety!

9. Pack like the pros.

Tightly rolling your clothes instead of folding them will allow you to fit more in your suitcase and better prevent wrinkles. Taking gifts home with you? The TSA advises you leave them unwrapped until you get to your destination. The more you know.

10. Fly like a joyful reindeer.

Had to book a middle seat for your flight home? There's a site that can notify you when an aisle seat opens up and another that can tell you which seats don't recline or have a broken TV on any specific flight. The future is amazing!

11. Speaking of traveling, consider taking off on your own holiday adventure.


If there's too much family dramz or your usual in-town buds are dispersing elsewhere or you're in the mood for a gift to yourself, consider a merry getaway to one of the most-searched Christmas destinations. Bon voyage, snowflake!

And finally, dazzle everyone in your life with the perfect gift from the Yahoo Beauty, Yahoo Style, and Yahoo Tech Gift Guides.