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11 Tips For Surviving Every Part Of The Holidays

Whether you're attending parties or flying home, the holidays can really take it out of you. Learn how to make everything a little easier with great tips and tricks from Yahoo, where you can also find stylish, beautiful, and tech-savvy gift ideas.

1. Look like you woke up like dis... every day:

2. Make your liner last.

3. And werk that bold lip.

4. De-shmutz your shoes on the go.

5. Kickstart your morning with a smooth(ie) move.

6. Move your body on the move.

7. Use your friends as guinea pigs.

8. Make sure your party's a *hit* with festive tunes.

9. Pack like the pros.

10. Fly like a joyful reindeer.

11. Speaking of traveling, consider taking off on your own holiday adventure.

And finally, dazzle everyone in your life with the perfect gift from the Yahoo Beauty, Yahoo Style, and Yahoo Tech Gift Guides.