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10 Undeniable Signs That Your Dog Has His Own Job

Ever wonder what your dog does all day while you’re gone? Is your house inexplicably filled with fancy dog toys that you don’t remember buying? Continue reading below to find out if your dog should really start paying rent.

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10 Undeniable Signs That Your Dog Has His Own Job

1. On more than one occasion, you’ve discovered a small piece of fabric on the floor that looks suspiciously like a very small tie

2. When you get home from work, your dog smells strongly of cigarettes and cologne

3. You have found multiple dry cleaning receipts in your apartment even though you can’t afford to get your clothes dry cleaned

4. Multiple shipments of gourmet dog treats have appeared at your doorstep yet you’ve never been charged

5. Sometimes right before your dog starts coughing and sneezing uncontrollably, you swear you could hear a tiny phone vibrating

6. You often wake up in the middle of the night to find your dog and your laptop missing but the next morning they’re right where you left them

7. Every year on your birthday, someone leaves a beautiful gift with no card right on the counter and it always smells vaguely of beef

8. Your usually energetic dog sleeps through the entirety of every bank holiday

9. You’ve gotten unexpected packages full of toys and accessories for your dog from Amazon Prime, but you don’t have Amazon Prime.

10. People you’ve never seen before greet your dog by name on the street

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