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Top 10 Of Reasons To Make Valentine’s Day An Ordinary Day

No matter if you are in a relationship for several years, months, or if you are single. Each year, we are hearing everybody talking about Valentine’s Day in February. This day is seen as the day of love. People consider this day as the occasion to spend a good evening with their loved one, like going to the restaurant and spending a load of money. Honestly, Valentine’s Day doesn’t really mean something for lot of people.

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1. Because everybody are doing the same

Who wants to be in a restaurant full of couples present for the same reason ? Valentine’s Day, admittedly, is the feast day of love. But, your Relationship doesn’t worth better than this, doesn’t it ? We know that every relationship are unique and different, thus why should you be forced to do like everybody ? Restaurants are open the entire year and you choose to go there whenever and without a precise purpose, because love worth to be celebrated every single day.

2. Valentine’s Day is a bit too expensive

Everybody want to pleased their patner on Valentine’s Day. We also know that provides benefits to companies and states. That means, like Christmas and sales, it is an other reason for companies to bring customers to spend money for gifts, dinners, clothes and so on. Some people are ready to spend significant sums, whilst it is the bankruptcy. Restaurants are twice or three times more expensive and gifts too, than usually. This day, the state expect to bail out the Fund, and the florist triple its turnover. Whilst our wallet is empty. Celebrate your love an other day, it will cost you way cheaper!

3. Because it is not a day in the year that represents the love of a lifetime

A couple for several years, months or days, if love is present, it is everyday. So why waiting an international special day to celebrate love so hard presents between you both?

4. Your soul mate is away from you

Sure, Valentine's Day can be a ‘party’, but unlike New Year, it is not a bank holiday. Indeed, this year, the Valentine's day take place on a Tuesday, which is the middle of the week. Admittedly, it is during the school holidays, but everyone doesn't have a holiday. Your loved one might be on a business trip or has other obligations. In short, as it is already a commercial feast, if your soulmate is not present, no need to celebrate it!

5. Do not celebrate Valentine avoid a lot of stress

All restaurants are booked, florists are empty of products because of the demand, the preparation needed for the evening, gifts, clothes, etc. Valentine’s Day generates a lot of stress, too much for a commercial feast that everyone does, isn't it?

6. Some women are expecting to much

During this day, women are imagining Valentine's as we can see it in movies. They hope that their partner prepared the most beautiful evening, the loveliest gifts with the romantic atmosphere (rose petal, dinner with candles, chocolates, etc.). Usually, they start thinking about it many days before and leave their partner alone to organise this 'wonderful' evening. Though, they are most of the time disappointed, and you will understand why in the following reason.

7. Many men forget Valentine’s Day

As we have seen above, women are often disappointed during the Valentine's Day. And their right! Most of men are thinking at the Valentine's Day, the day itself. After work, they hurry themselves to the florist to buy roses and chocolates from convenience stores (because, obviously, everything is closed). And, opposite to what women expected, the evening is not prepared at all. That is why, most of the time, that is the disappointment. Therefore, better to make the Valentine’s Day, a day as others, you will avoid a disappointed mood.

8. You got sick? It's normal, that’s winter.

You don’t feel well? Your nose is flowing, got a headache, body aches, etc.? It is normal; we are in the middle of winter and there are a lot of epidemics at that moment. In this case, a little advice, stay at home in your bed and watch a good movie. You'll see, you'll have a great evening!

9. Your beautician is on vacation

You forgot to take an appointment with your beautician and you remembered it at the very last moment? You can still try to call her but I remind you that is school holidays and no luck... Your beautician is on vacation! One more reason to not celebrate Valentine’s Day! Your loved one will understand, don't worry ;)

10 : This year, the Valentine's day takes place on one of the most important champions league’s football match: PSG - FCB

Ladies, you are thinking about it for a long time, you merely imagined the perfect evening ever, you might have planned everything to make this day the perfect one is the year? But you forgot one thing, on 14th of February; it is especially the second round of the champions League. It is possible that your boy has already scheduled his evening with his friends before watching the match of PSG-FCB. Then, rather than being disappointed by the choice of your partner, (because it must be admitted that it is a big dilemma for them), made this day a normal day and your man will reward you a thousand times better!

And you, what is your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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