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    Jan 26, 2015

    Five Size Comparisons That Will Make You Feel Tiny

    "Everything happens in this insignificant planet" - Carl Sagan

    1. Size of Earth compared to the Sun

    John Brady / Via

    If you could fill the Sun with tiny Earths, you would need about 960,000

    2. Jupiter compared to the size of North America

    NASA / John Brady / Via

    Fun fact: a day in Jupiter will last 10 hours. It's the fastest rotating planet on our solar system. Despite of being the biggest one.

    3. Saturn's rings compared to the size of Earth

    John Brady / Via

    If you could fill the inside of Saturn with Earths, you would need 764.

    4. How many Earths do you need to fill the width of Saturn's rings?

    John Brady / Via


    5. The Pale Blue Dot

    View this video on YouTube

    Ken Takahashi / Via

    Feeling tiny yet?

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