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Why You Should Go See Seth Rogen's "The Interview" On December 25th

A Seth Rogen movie about a Kim Jong-un assassination attempt?!

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Coming December 25th

Originally set to be released in the fall of 2014, due to negative feedback from none other than North Korea, the movie was pushed back until Christmas.

Seth Rogen has been hosting surprise screenings in LA, New York and Washington DC and luckily I was able to attend the New York screening.

Below I've listed some of the many things you have to look forward to if you decide to go check out the film.

The opening scene of "The Interview" includes a young North Korean girl singing nothing but insults to America in an angelic tone

That's right! If there wasn't sub titles provided and you didn't know the language you would think this little girl was singing nothing but sweet songs of candy and all that is good in the world. The sarcastic opening scene completely sets the tone for the movie.

James Franco plays Dave Skylark, the attractive tabloid news TV show host who desperately wants to be taken seriously

We get to see James Franco play the successful, yet air headed TV host and watch him score the ultimate live interview with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

You can look forward to seeing Dave Skylark's love of fashion ruin their assassination plan

Dave is supposed to bring a bag with him to North Korea, given to him by the CIA, that includes what the guys need to carry out the assassination on Kim-Jong un. Unfortunately Dave insists on bringing his Gucci bag with him instead of the one the CIA gave him, causing a bit of a hiccup in their plan.

(Ironically James Franco *in real life* was signed in 2008 to be the face of Gucci's colognes)

Check out the official trailer here:

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