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Viner Raps Like A 5 Year Old And Kills The Whole Game


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Viner and Musician J.Cyrus debuted #5YearOldRapper for the first time back in September

♫ What's the news?

Tell me whatchu wanna do

Girl I'm tryin' to watch Aladdin while we drink some apple juice ♫

And ever since, the #5YearOldRapper Vines have gotten better and better

"5 years old tryin' to stack a mill - Gotta get a toy in my happy meal"

♫ From Arby's and Hardy's and Wendy's, McDonalds ♫

"Imma keep watchin' these cartoons - Spongebob's about to start soon"

♫ Cereal, no milk, short spoon ♫

"Catch me in the kitchen eatin' cherry fruit Roll-Ups"

♫ Hold up - Yeah I'm gettin' paid like a grown up ♫

"SpiderMan on my socks - Iron man is all on my kicks - Sheets of Incredible Hulk - On my bed I'm a boss - And Imma rock it out til' I'm 6"

"My babysitter said NOPE to the cookies - But little did she know I took one when she wasn't lookin'"


He even did a Drake inspired #5YearOldRapper Vine after someone requested it!

♫ My mama just told me that after I eat

All of my veggies she'll let me go ride on my bike

And I promise she said with no training wheels ♫

He also did an Indie Artist inspired #5YearOldRapper Vine

♫ How? How? Did she climb those monkey bars? ♫

There was also a Justin Timberlake inspired #5YearOldRapper Vine

♫ Girl I see you with them Legos

Lemme call you on my fake phone

I'm a big boy mommy said so. LETS GO! ♫

And then there was also a heartfelt Country version of #5YearOldRapper

♫ I passed her house in my big wheel

Holdin' up the toy that she left behind ♫

And even an R&B inspired Vine #5YearOldRapper

But this is J.Cyrus' #5YearOldRapper Vine that currently has the most loops (Over a million)

♫ Real cheese on my sandwich

Nerf gun to do damage

I'm in Bob The Builder pajamas

While I'm watchin' Animal Planet ♫

♫ Cause I'm about to get the Nerf gun any day now ♫

"Boy from the playground - Tell them bullies stay down"

How about when he rapped over Chris Brown's "New Flame" beat

♫ Baby you a hottie

Girl I got a potty

Ooops I think I did it

You should probably get my mommy ♫

And here's the #5YearOldRapper getting interviewed

"Are you seeing anyone?"

"Nah girls got cooties."

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