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The Top 16 Vines From The #BecomeAnotherPerson Series

These transformations will blow your mind!

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16. Bloody Face & Bloody Face Jr. :

15. Rob Downey Jr. :

14. Stefon from Weekend Update :

13. The Dog Whisperer :

12. Ozzy Osbourne :

11. Zombie Breakfast Club :

10. Frank Underwood :

9. Rocky :

8. Johnny Cash :

7. Boardwalk Empire :

Any Boardwalk Empire fan will get a kick out of this Nelson Van Alden How-To.

6. He Who Must Not Be Named :

You can see the first ~He Who Must Not Be Named~ vine here.

Here we get to see just how much work it takes to create these faces!

5. Game of Thrones Characters :

Can't forget Khal Drogo either!

4. Walter Junior :

3. Walter White :

Here we see Viner Laura Verch join in on the #BecomeAnotherPerson series.

2. Pee-Wee's Playhouse :

1. Russell Brand :
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