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Ranking Kate McKinnon's 10 Best Impressions From "Saturday Night Live"

She's just totally game for anything.

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10. Jodie Foster

NBC Studios

After Jodie Foster's speech at the Golden Globes went viral, of course SNL had to do some sort of skit about it. Kate was spot on with her impression of Jodie and impeccably recreated her speech.

9. Jane Lynch

NBC Studios

When she played Jane Lynch on SNL's Hollywood Game Night skit. Kate had us constantly doing double takes to make sure that it wasn't actually Jane Lynch. "Jane" gleefully declares that she is America's "#2 Lesbian."

8. Carmela DeAngelis-Soprano

NBC Studios

SNL mashed up The Carrie Diaries with The Sopranos and gave us this beautiful skit. Kate plays a high school aged Carmela who had us experiencing SERIOUS Soprano flashbacks. When "Carmela" says "Screw you Tony Soprano!" it's absolutely superb.

7. Cecilia Gimenez

NBC Studios

You're probably googling who the hell Cecilia Gimenez is because you most likely have no idea who she is, and that's okay. Gimenez is a woman from Spain who horribly restored a painting of Jesus. BBC even went as far as to say it resembles a "crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic." Kate's personal spin on this was hilarious and you will never again forget who this elderly woman is.


6. Ann Romney

NBC Studios

When Ann Romney came on Weekend Update to discuss a recent radio interview that was stirring up some drama. She went on to say that apple picking was the Mormon Mardi Gras. "Ann Romney" also mentioned that she would kill her Olympian horse if it meant she got to meet Beyoncé.

5. Theresa Caputo

NBC Studios

Kate the Chameleon we shall call her. If The Long Island Medium had a long lost twin sister, we'd have to place our bets on it being Kate McKinnon. Everything about this skit was dead on, from her Long Island accent to the way she works those long acrylic nails through her bleach blonde bob.

4. Penelope Cruz

NBC Studios

The fact that this was Kate's first episode makes this impression so much more magical. The ultimate bronzed duo. Kate teamed up with Sofia Vergara to give us this Pantene commercial skit that was pure gold and left a lasting impression on all SNL viewers.

3. Angela Merkel

NBC Studios

Kate McKinnon killed it as the German Chancellor. Her German/American accent was flawless and this was the perfect skit to address the NSA scandal. "Angela Merkel" has now become a reoccurring guest on Weekend Update.

2. Justin Bieber

NBC Studios

Is there really anyone who can do a better Bieber impression? Kate has said that one of her secrets to impersonating Justin so well is to look like "a puppy who just piddled and is sort of sorry about it." Kate has all of Justin's mannerisms completely down pat and we love every second of it.

1. Ellen DeGeneres

NBC Studios

Fist off, mind blown. Kate perfectly mimics every one of Ellen's dance moves, all that wiggling she's always doing in her chair, and the whole "I'm Ellen" thing. During one of her Ellen skits she requested that her DJ play "the hardest rap song" that he knows for her to dance to. "Ellen" ended up dancing to some funky little techno beat your six year old kid brother could've easily made and it was absolutely perfect.

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