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The Definitive Ranking Of B.J. Novak's Vines From 2014


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B.J. Novak AKA Vine Superstar.

Annihilating the Vine game since April 2013.
Marvel Enterprises

Annihilating the Vine game since April 2013.

9. This was B.J.'s first Vine of 2014.

B.J. came back from his 8 month Vine break with some strong game.

8. B.J.'s Vine of a clip from Real Time with Bill Maher.

Featuring Rand Paul!

7. The classic "I'm stuck here in my car because there's a train crossing in front of me so I'll obviously Vine it" Vine.

How else are you suppose to get through these several painful minutes where you're literally trapped on the road?

6. B.J.'s Vine of a Seagull either forcefully kissing another Seagull or trying to steal something out of its mouth.

~precious moments~


Never trust a person who doesn't like the movie Splash.

4. B.J.'s Vine of some guy going hard with some sort of tractor while blissful music quietly peaks through in the background.

3. When he shared this clip of what appears to be some serious rager he attended.

And is that some sort of "Get Low" remix we hear in the background?!

2. When he was quietly chuckling to this clip of Steve Harvey swirling around in some contraption.

1. The only Selfie Vine we got this year, making this Vine the ultimate winner.

Happy 2014.


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