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Here's What The Cast Of "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" Looks Like Now

This week "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" turned 21 and here's the cast now.

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Bonnie Grape AKA Darlene Cates

Random Fact: Darlene Cates only went up the first few steps in the scene where she climbs up the whole staircase. The footage was edited to make it look like she had made it all the way to the top.

Tucker Van Dyke AKA John C. Reilly

Random Fact: John C. Reilly has been in three films where his characters were closely related to Howard Hughes. “The Aviator“ (Which Leonardo DiCaprio also starred in), "Melvin and Howard,” and “The Amazing Howard Hughes”.

Arnie Grape AKA Leonardo DiCaprio

Random Fact: Leonardo DiCaprio actually wasn't suppose to chop the head off of the grasshopper in the beginning of the film. Animal Rights people were on set and actually got upset about it.

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