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A Definitive Ranking Of All Things Fabulous Inside Of Missy Elliott's Condo

Yes, the one from her second episode of "MTV Cribs."

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11. The Versace bath mat.


Bath mats can be straight up annoying, but if you're going to have one in your marvelous Miami condo, it's OBVIOUSLY going to Versace. While this master bath contains endless counter space and a jacuzzi tub, it's the details like this awesome Versace bath mat that really matter in the end.

9. All that ice cream in her freezer.


Every now and then the universe blesses us with small gifts, like being reminded that celebrities love delicious ice cream just like us. Missy tells the cameras she "lives like a college student" as she shows off her impressive freezer.

8. The flawlessly organized closet.


Not only was the gigantic closet itself amazing, the organization to it was flawless. All of Missy's clothes and shoes seemed to be perfectly assorted by color and it was quite pleasing to the eye.

7. The submarine style bedroom doors.


In Missy's first episode of "Cribs" her home had an overall Greek theme, so to say the least we weren't expecting to see these submarine bedroom doors. But boy do we love it! Who wouldn't mind a pair of funky submarine bedroom doors in their condo?

5. The Janet Jackson poster with Missy's face taped on it.


That's right! Taped to the side of Missy's boxing arcade game is a poster of Janet Jackson. Oh yeah and she also cut out her face from her "Under Construction" album cover and pasted it onto Janet's. Everything about this situation is iconic, let us never forget.

4. The Michael & Janet Jackson pictures from "Scream."


That moment when you become so successful that you can just call up Janet Jackson, tell her that you would love some pictures for your new condo decor, and she goes ahead and sends you some...BOOM!

*Cue 'This Is What Dreams Are Made Of' by Hilary Duff*

In the episode Missy rhetorically explains it's "major" that she can get on the phone and call Janet and be like "Yo can you send me some pictures money?!"

3. The fish tank chair.


In Missy's first episode of "Cribs" she showed off a huge double sided fish tank, so clearly with her second episode she clearly had to up her fish tank game and she totally did. Missy tells us this is her favorite chair, and of course we can see why.

2. The MISSY! waterfall statue.


Just picture it, coming home after a long days work, opening up your front door and the first thing you get to set your eyes upon is a sizable glitterty waterfall statue of your name. This is without a doubt one of the most memorable things from Missy Elliott's Miami crib. The waterfall statue flowed down into a pool of water containing a plethora of fish and it was fantastic.



The most memorable piece of furniture from Missy's episodes of "Cribs" and also in all of "Cribs" history in general. Missy explains that she got the idea for the bed from Silver Spoons. (For those who don't know or remember, Ricky Schroder had a car bed on the show Silver Spoons.) The bed is King size and also includes a TV under the hood of the car. What more could you even ask for from a bed?

With the bossy trunk that acts as a shoe rack.


Not like the king size car bed and TV under the hood weren't baller enough. The hidden shoe rack in Missy's Ferrari car bed trunk was just the cherry on top. Not only is this a win in the 'hidden storage' department, it's also just flat out magnificent.

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