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    Posted on Mar 5, 2015

    9 Times Cat From "Breakfast At Tiffany's" Was Completely Relatable

    Poor slob without a name!

    1. When he was the first one to wake up at the sleepover.

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    We've all seen the memes before: you're either the one who's passed out at the sleepover or you're the one who's wide awake and still on the computer. (In this case though, you're either an adorably loyal cat or a sleeping beauty.) You stay still, wide awake, and anxiously hoping your sleepover buddy will wake up soon and the torture will be over. Eventually the awkward moment comes when a parent shouts for the person in deep slumber, or there's a cute man at the door who needs to be buzzed in and you simply must wake them up!

    2. When he sized up his roomies new friend to let 'em know who's boss.

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    The moment when your roomie brings home a new friend and your feels are uncontrollable so there's no stopping you. Who is this new person? What's their deal? That's right, live by the rule of #NoNewFriends and no one can stop you! Your roomie may be testing the waters with this new companion but we're sure as hell not.

    3. When he strutted his stuff for all to see as a reminder of how awesome he is.

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    Everyone has been there. It's the point when you need to walk across a communal space but your roomie has a ton of friends over. So what's a cat to do? Strut your stuff! Let your roomie and plus ones know that you live here too and you're FANTASTIC!

    4. When he was the ultimate life of the party.

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    It's nice to enjoy the perks of riding your wonderful roomie's coat tails, but every now and then you enjoy stealing the spot light and you're fabulous at it. *Cue Ariana Grande's "Break Free"*

    5. When he didn't enjoy an early morning prank.

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    Let's face it, no one likes to be pranked and ESPECIALLY not first thing in the morning.

    6. When he was having one of those "I'd love to chat but the phone is just too far away" moments.

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    In modern times this would translate into more of a "I'd love to chat but I'm gonna let this go to voicemail and then answer you via text" feel. Poor slob without a name!

    7. When his roomie was creating an emotional tornado so he was forced to seek higher ground.

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    And for those of us who aren't so spur of the moment graceful, we'll just stay hidden away in our room until we hear the sobbing stop and it's safe to come out.

    8. When he was nosy and waited at the window until his roomie got home from her date.

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    Some of us aren't accustomed to the phrase "Curiosity killed the cat."

    9. When he was the most forgiving of friends.

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    No one could ask for a more ride or die companion than Cat. After being kicked out of a cab in the middle of a rain storm and nowhere to go, most people wouldn't be so forgiving. When it comes to your BFF4L though? We're usually pretty willing to make up.

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