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    • xwhyintercepts

      you know when you seeascrawny white guy inadisproportionately big pick up truck and you can’t help but wonder just how small his prick is? catchingalot of those vibes from those of you with omni diets… justttt saying ;) if you’re not into being vegan, don’t be! but why not have some respect for others makingachoice for themselves or, maybe, for the sake of your grandkids havingaclean planet to grow up in.imean, does it really offend you that someone likes animals more than they like eating animals? relax, people. there’sareason vegans come off as snotty when asked about their dietary decision making processes. for many of us the choice is made by drawing conclusions from fact (ie environment, health, etc) and when you are describing statistics as they apply toagreater picture, how your decisions might affect others, it’s hard not to sound like you’ve made the ‘more ethical choice’. i’m not saying it isn’t, but it isn’t inherently so.iam often hypocritical and counteract vegan ideals from time to time, not by whatieat, but in things like medicine and certain clothing where the non-veg choice is best.ithinkalot of us feel that way aboutarange of issues, but you know what’s good about that? it means we haven’t becomeasociety without convictions. stand for something beyond just the pleasure you feel from eating meat, it’s not like anyone is threatening to take that away from you, man.  for the record, eliminating animal products from your diet is better for the environment than drivingaprius (obviously that figure can vary but it seems to hold up generally). andiget that it’s hard to feel empowered by individual lifestyle changes involving long term scope, but we’re going to be written down in history asageneration of assholes in about 50 years because we were too busy on facebook to protest the corporate takeover and contamination of natural resources. but that’s right, you’ll be dead by then so .. why should it concern you?

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