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4 Must Have Apps If You Want To Create A Unique And Interesting Self

Younger generations are more likely to use their smart phones to take selfies. Selfies may be used as profile pictures or shared on social media platforms.

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Maintaining a unique and perfect networked identity in virtual world seems possible if we get some help from these apps. Editing a selfie as a perfect profile picture may be considered as the most important thing for some users because a unique and interesting filtered self might get more attention from others on social media platforms. Why not try those apps?


It is originally developed by a Chinese company. And it is an app that transforms original camera of the phone into a magical selfie camera. It will automatically conceal and improve all of your flaw of your face, adjust lighting, whiteness and create a perfect you compare to your original photo.Here is a YouTube video which shows how this app works.

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube by 胡太浪

2. PhotoGrid

This app has many kinds of filters in terms of different photo types such as selfie, vintage, scenery and so on,which gives you different choices of tonality. It also has various shapes of making collages. If you finish steps of Whiteness of your selfie in BeautyCam, you might want to adjust tone of selfies or make collages of multiple selfies.


LaruenHarbun / Via

Snapchat is an app which not only provides functions of taking selfies with various animated stickers, it also provides immediate interactions that users can share their new selfies and chat with others.

4.Line Camera

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Line Camera is an app which includes all of similar functions that PhotoGrid and Snapchat have. During use of Line Camera, various animation stickers and cute stamps for decorating photos provide opportunities for users to create a unique and interesting self.

We can even change our face with others by using one of filters on Line Camera. This function changes how we represent ourselves.

View this video on YouTube / Via Line Camera

This video basically introduces various animated stickers in Line Camera. Reference: Thumbnails image from

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