11 Times Willow Pape From “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” Was The Absolute Worst

Willow Pape is basic. Disclaimer: This is NOT a comprehensive list.

1. Accuses you of hitting on her boyfriend.

Glu Games, inc.

Clearly Dirk Diamonds was not interested since he was hitting on ME.

2. Calls you gutter trash.

Glu Games, inc.

Says the person who says hashtag in normal conversation.

3. Calls you a stalker.

Glu Games, inc.

Uhm pretty sure you are the stalker. Stop showing up to all my events!!

4. Confirms that you are a stalker.

Glu Games, inc.

No, Kim did not and never will mention you.

5. Thinks she is better than you.

Glu Games, inc.

LOL. I am on the A-List and you are on the B-list, hun.


Glu Games, inc.

What are YOU doing here?

7. Accuses you of being a skank.

Glu Games, inc.

You are cray cray, Willow.

8. Accuses you of ruining her fun.

Glue Games, inc.

9. Thinks you’re overrated.

Glu Games, inc.

Even drunk, she’s still mean as hell.

10. Says your face is drunk.

Glu Games, inc.

Worst comeback ever.

11. Accuses you of being a big fat liar.

Glue Games, inc.

Again with this #ratchet bullshit.

In conclusion:


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