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Cute Valentines Date Student Meal: Bacon And Tomato Pasta For Two!

Fancy staying in for Valentine's Day this year? Wanting to make up a nice Italian meal for you and you're loved one? Or even hanging in with your mates before a night out to make up for the fact you're all single? Then check out this recipe that is really fast and easy to make and won't break the bank. #studentgoals

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Sarah Harris

1 tbsp vegetable oil (£0.80 for 500ml)

1 pack of unsmoked bacon (£1.50 for 210g)

1 onion (£0.16 for 1)

1 red pepper (£0.50 for 1)

1 can chopped tomatoes (£0.35 for 500g can)

1 tsp sugar (£0.69 for 1kg)

½ tsp smoked paprika (optional) (£0.85 for 48g)

½ tsp dried oregano (optional) (£0.70 for 16g)

½ tsp dried basil (optional) (£0.70 for 16g)

180g dried pasta (I prefer tagliatelle pasta) (£0.59 for 500g)

2 litres of boiling water

Salt and pepper to taste

Parmesan cheese for on top (optional) (£2.00 for 100g)

When I used a local supermarket to look at what the total cost of this meal would be, it came to £8.84, but that includes everything (even the Parmesan). If you left out all the optional bits then it would come to £4.59, so it really depends on what you like and how skint you are when you are making this dish. Trust me (and my dad) it tastes good no matter what you put in it :)

Sarah Harris

Chop the onion, pepper and bacon ready to fry in the pan. Put the oil in a saucepan and heat it up (carefully, you can all start having a drink after this point) before adding the veggies and bacon. Fry this off on a medium heat for about 7 minutes before adding in the tomatoes.

Sarah Harris

Then get your pot of boiling water on the heat and add in the pasta. In general, pasta takes 8-10 minutes to cook, but always read the packet instructions.

Alternatively, you could not read the instructions on the back and go with, 'That's been in long enough by now.' But if you leave it too long and it goes into a big gloopy mess that sticks when you chuck it at the wall, you might need to make the pasta again....

Sarah Harris

In your saucepan, add in the sugar, salt and pepper. At this point, you can also put in the smoked paprika, dried oregano and dried basil if you are using them (you could also put some garlic granules in as well, but that depends on exactly you want to get up to in the evening). Make sure that your sauce has reduced so that it has a good consistency ( by that I mean, make sure it at least looks good).

Sarah Harris

Once your pasta has cooked, turn off the heat on both pans and strain the pasta, keeping a little of the water behind in a separate mug. Toss your sauce through your pasta and add the water into your sauce if it has gone too dry.

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