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8 Situations Where Multitasking Could Be Dangerous

We all love to multitask. Why do one thing at a time when we can do many right? However, there are situation where if we do multitask it could lead to unexpected circumstances.

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1.) When you are driving

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A big problem in today's society. Driver's eyes should be on the road at all time. Multitasking while driving can lead to major accident. It take the driver's attention away from the road. Car crash not only injured you, but also your family and other families that are involve in the crash. Even if it does not lead you to an accident, it could save you from having to pay a hefty fine. Police are now giving more attention in pulling over drivers who uses their phone while driving or during red light.

2.)When you are cooking

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Cooking can be dangerous if you do not pay attention to it. Leave the stove or the oven on can lead to far serious situation than burnt food. These are situation such as house fire, gas leak, and burn counter top.

3.)When you are with children

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Children will wonder anywhere when left unattended. Children need be supervise at all time. They could run into accident or fall in to pond while you are on your laptop. Children do not know better that is why everything around them poses danger to their well being. If you are taking care of your child, check your phone or do your work later, it will definitely be worth it.

4.)When you are crossing the road

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All of your attention should be on the road looking out for incoming cars. Multitasking take some of your attention away from the road which can lead to deadly consequences. Using your mobile phone or listening to music should be avoided as it will block your eyes and ear from hearing the on coming car.

5.)When you are in a meeting

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Meetings are usually where company discuss important issues or assign works. Constantly missing crucial information form these meetings can lead to unfinished work and ultimately loss of job.

6.)When you are playing a game

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Multitasking while playing video take the fun out of the game itself unless you like the challenge ofcourse. Instead of being able the enjoy the story and the gameplay of one game, now you have to pay attention to 2 games. This will make you miss some of the content of the first game.

7.)When you are on a date

You should probably give your full attention to your partner while on a date. Not only will they think that you are not that into them, but it is also rude to go on a date and completely ignore your partner.

8.) When you are sad or angry

When you are sad, you should probably focus on crying yourself out or subdue your anger without doing anything else. Your emotions will affect your judgement and these lack of judgements can lead to problems later. One example of this is when people overshare both their lives and their feeling on social media.

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