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6 Unexpected Places For An (Instagrammable) Picnic in Singapore

You know what doesn’t happen often enough here in Singapore? A good, old-fashioned picnic. It’s a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or if you just want some cool shots for your Instagram feed. Luckily, this tiny island of ours has a few secret, and slightly unconventional, spots for that perfect day outdoors. Here’s 6 you might not expect.

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The roof garden in Junction8 is a cosy open area with plenty of space for a group of friends to lay out some food and just chill out surrounded by lush greenery. Also, think of all the time you’d save when instead of packing your own food, you could just get your favourite meals and snacks from the numerous food outlets in the mall itself.

These terraces in Dawson are not only peaceful places to relax, but for picnics with breath-taking views. The towering Dawson SkyTerrace has a roof deck at its 47th storey, complete with tables and chairs so you don’t need to worry about where you’re gonna put your food.

The best part about the roof terrace is that it offers a 360 degree, all round look at Singapore for you to see (and take pictures of) the city like never before.

Not just a performance venue, the Esplanade’s roof terrace gives you an aerial look at some of our most iconic landmarks. If you’re in the area and looking to get away from the crowds, it’d be a great idea to grab some food and head up here.

5. Sports Hub

Ok, since you can’t just lay out a picnic mat on the football pitch in the National Stadium, you can’t really picnic in the Sports Hub itself.

But close enough.

Just outside the Hub, overlooking the Kallang River, there’s a long deck where it’s perfect to sit down and enjoy a picnic while watching the numerous canoeists paddle by.

If the idea of packing food and drinks still seems too troublesome, you can get your favourite food from outlets like Maki-San on the FoodPanda app wherever you’re planning on having a picnic, unexpected place or not. So you don’t need to bother thinking about picnic food and just get ready. Happy picnic-ing!

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