Why Winter In Chicago Is The Best

Think summer or fall is the best time to experience Chicago? You’d be wrong. Winter is where it’s at.

1. Summer in Chicago is a happy time

2. But…is it really the city’s best season?

3. Summer is synonymous with outdoor music fests…

5. …and biking/walking/running the lake front

6. Pure perfection right?

8. Music fests are filled with people like this

Aka sweaty, duck-faced and all under the legal drinking age (even though they somehow manage to be the most drunk and can usually be found staggering around, bumping into EVERYONE).

9. Looking forward to eating outside? Your table at Big Star will be ready in two hours

10. Planning a leisurely stroll on the lakefront path? It’ll be ruined by the Tour de France wannabe, or the gaggle of teens walking three deep

12. A magical place where there are no crowds.

Exceptions, anything ice skating and shops that sell hot liquids.

13. Where you can spend your days inside eating and drinking all day, guilt-free!

…because you might die if you’re outside for too long

14. Being able to use any item in your closet for layering means your choice of outfits have miraculously doubled

…no more weeks of rotating the same five shorts/tank/tees/dresses

15. Want to grow your nest egg? Winter in Chicago can help with that

16. Little to no weddings in winter means more going out money

17. Not that you actually want to leave your home, but if you manage to talk yourself into it, restaurants/hotels/clubs offer deep discounts during nasty weather. Which means you’ll be ballin’ when you go out.

Barry gets it. Bonus: one of his favorite Chicago spots, The Palmer House Hilton is even offering deep discounted packages for the winter. The Hotel Now app is also a valuable resource for getting fancy rooms on the cheap.

18. Judge all you want but winter means getting your money’s worth on those daily/weekly/monthly CTA rides and taking the bus two blocks when it’s snowing

19. So stop being dramatic about the impeding arrival of winter

20. Because it is going to come regardless


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