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    Mar 18, 2017

    14 Proofs Sexting Is The Most Incredible Thing In The World

    Send something hot.

    1. You get to know your body better.

    Old Spice

    And you know what you like to show off.

    2. You take such cool nudes of yourself, you'd like to use them as your profile photo.

    Kylie Jenner/ Instagram / Via

    3. You can do it even when you're poorly dressed and being lazy.

    Columbia Pictures

    4. You feel so sexy talking dirty.


    5. The coolest part is when both of you have a happy ending.

    Slanted Studios

    6. Or that time that you finally went from sexting to bed, and you fulfilled for each other every promise you made.


    7. When you were asked before being sent a nude, so you were able to be prepared. 😏

    E! Entertainment

    Let me know before! Nobody wants to see nudes while eating dinner with their family.

    8. When they replied right away because they know that timing is everything when sexting.


    9. When your sexting was so good that you decided to save it "for a rainy day."


    10. Having to contort your body to make sure nobody saw THOSE photos you received when you were in a public place.


    Obviously, you were not going to share what was meant for your eyes only. 👀

    11. You are capable of sexting while watching Netflix, looking up cheap flights, and waiting for your popcorn to finish popping.

    Universal Pictures

    The king of multitasking.

    12. You stayed up late sexting because it was totally worth it.


    13. You were not a jerk to whoever you were sexting.


    Did not publish a photo or pass it on.

    14. And when you just didn't feel confident sexting or sending photos and simply said NOPE.


    This post was translated from Spanish.