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    This Photographer Shows Just How Diverse Mexicans Really Are

    "Proud Mexicans" changes the perception of Mexicans through incredible portraits.

    Alan Vidali is a Mexican photographer living in Los Angeles who has a project where he takes pictures of openly proud Mexicans.

    Facebook/ Proud Mexicans / Via Facebook: video.php

    The project comes at a crucial time, given the international context.

    Facebook/ Proud Mexicans

    "Last year during the primaries a certain candidate made some remarks about Mexicans, I began to feel tension," Vidali told BuzzFeed Mexico. "This unleashed some hatred towards the Mexicans in the United States woke up. I wondered: how can I change the conversation? If we don't change the conversation, it will only be his voice out there."

    It's about a positive and peaceful response.

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    Inés. Art Manager/
    Critical thinker/
    Urban Explorer.

    And takes back what it means to be Mexican.

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    Israel. Tenacious/
    Fixer of things.

    It's a project that doesn't seek to confront, but to strike up a dialogue.

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    Eva. Gardener/

    And to build empathy between people.

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    Victor. Humanist/

    He first began with portraits fo acquaintances.

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    Lilia. Reliable/

    Anyone who identifies as Mexican can participate (whether they were born in Mexico or not). Alan doesn't like to say "you're it, you're not it".

    Each portrait comes with a few words they used to describe themselves.

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    The only requirement is that they should be positive words.

    Exequiel. Mechanic/
    Science illustrator/

    He wants us to look them in the eye, hence why they are front portraits.

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    Ana María. Sensitive/

    "When I photograph them, I ask them how they would describe themselves, to tell me about themselves and that's how this happens. It is evident that we all can have common interests."

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    Ricardo M. Magician/
    Cinema lover.

    The portraits bear the name of the person, to make them as similar as possible to an introduction.

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    Lorena. Beach creature/

    He plans to continue publishing them and to emphasize Mexican diversity.

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    In Alan's words, "there are Mexicans of all colors."

    Alejandro. Chess player/

    At the moment, Alan only does this in Southern California, but he would like to expand the project to other places in the United States.

    Cortesía Alan Vidali

    Julie. Shy/
    Postcard collector/

    If you're also a Proud Mexican and would like to be part of this project, you can do it. Contact Alan Vidali here or upload your own portrait.

    Facebook/ Proud Mexicans

    1. Look at the camera with a wall behind you.

    2. Pick up to 5 words to describe yourself and how you contribute to make the world a better place. Please, use positive words!

    3. Share it Instagram!

    4. Don't forget to use the hashtag #WeAreProudMexicans

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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