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This Photographer Shows Just How Diverse Mexicans Really Are

"Proud Mexicans" changes the perception of Mexicans through incredible portraits.

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Alan Vidali is a Mexican photographer living in Los Angeles who has a project where he takes pictures of openly proud Mexicans.

Facebook/ Proud Mexicans / Via Facebook: video.php

The project comes at a crucial time, given the international context.

Facebook/ Proud Mexicans

"Last year during the primaries a certain candidate made some remarks about Mexicans, I began to feel tension," Vidali told BuzzFeed Mexico. "This unleashed some hatred towards the Mexicans in the United States woke up. I wondered: how can I change the conversation? If we don't change the conversation, it will only be his voice out there."


He first began with portraits fo acquaintances.

Cortesía Alan Vidali

Lilia. Reliable/

Anyone who identifies as Mexican can participate (whether they were born in Mexico or not). Alan doesn't like to say "you're it, you're not it".

Each portrait comes with a few words they used to describe themselves.

Cortesía Alan Vidali

The only requirement is that they should be positive words.

Exequiel. Mechanic/
Science illustrator/


"When I photograph them, I ask them how they would describe themselves, to tell me about themselves and that's how this happens. It is evident that we all can have common interests."


If you're also a Proud Mexican and would like to be part of this project, you can do it. Contact Alan Vidali here or upload your own portrait.

Facebook/ Proud Mexicans

1. Look at the camera with a wall behind you.

2. Pick up to 5 words to describe yourself and how you contribute to make the world a better place. Please, use positive words!

3. Share it Instagram!

4. Don't forget to use the hashtag #WeAreProudMexicans

This post was translated from Spanish.