Victors In The Internet LOLympics

Pure talent. Today, we honor the dedicated heroes who were chosen to represent The Internet. And when it comes to entertainment, the X1 Entertainment Operating System brings TV and internet together like never before.

1. Welcome! To the first annual:

Behold! The Victors!

2. Event: Competitive Twerking


In the end, it was the twerking cat that could not be stopped.

5. Event: Being Penguins


The biggest upset of the LOLympics! Penguins chasing a butterfly takes it!

8. Event: Extremely Adorable Vines

Psst. What? There will never be anything better.

14. Event: "If I Fits, I Sits"


This cat turned itself into a liquid. That’s unprecedented dedication.

17. Event: Vine Hilarity

The judges claim: “We can’t explain why… but the choice was clear.”

23. Event: Leaps of Faith


For sheer faith and bravery.

26. Event: Dealing With It


The competition was fierce on this one. In the end, however, the slip n’ slider slid away with the victory.

30. Event: Magic Vining

Because pie!

36. Event: Extreme Friendship


They clinched it with the art of the hug request, and the subsequent hug delivery. Flawless.

39. Event: Cat Dealing With Food on Its Face


A fan favorite. A judge favorite. An all-around hero. Take your cap off, sir, and listen to the national anthem.

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