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11 Things That Make Moms Gush

Doesn't matter how far you are, she'll gush. So let her brag about you with XFINITY, the only provider that lets her Live-stream from her smartphone to her TV.

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1. When everything is spelled correctly on your blog.

Thinkstock / Via BuzzFeed

2. When you start paying for your own cell phone.

3. Anytime you buy your own plane ticket home.


4. When you send her something handmade on Mother's Day.

5. When you get a small internship in the city over the summer.

6. When you move out into your first tiny, tiny apartment.

7. Anytime you invite her to stay in your tiny, tiny apartment.

8. When you share a link to your cameo role in that friend's new web series. / Via BET

9. When someone asks about your participation trophies she keeps on the mantel.

10. When she sees a photo of your S.O. for the first time.


11. And, basically, anytime you tell her you made dinner for yourself.

No matter how far apart you might be, you can keep in touch. Share your life on a bigger screen. Only from XFINITY.

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