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13 Things That Will Happen Every Single Time You Move

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1. First, you procrastinate until you literally have to pack everything all at once.

2. Suddenly, you wish you had kept all those boxes you threw out without a second thought.

But trash bags work, right?

3. Still, there's nothing quite as satisfying as filling every space in your trunk.

4. Of course, you spend most of your time just searching for the end of the packaging tape.

5. Your home also looks a thousand times messier than when you first started "organizing."

6. You can't even go to sleep without clearing all the stuff that somehow ended up on your bed???

7. Then it hits you: You're not even halfway done.

8. Soon you start throwing stuff randomly into boxes...

9. ...but mostly because you can make a really cool box fort out of them when you're done.

10. Then comes the hard part: moving the couch.

11. You get used to eating takeout and microwavable meals on the floor.

12. By the time you clear out all the furniture and artwork, your bedroom looks like a fallout shelter.

13. Finally, you curl up in the fetal position and wait for sweet, sweet release from this life without in-home WiFi.

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