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14 Things You've Done Online If You're A Confessed Music Snob

"What are the set times?"

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1. Adjusted the EQ settings on your streaming app.

MGM Home Entertainment / Via

And actually knew what you were doing.

2. Turned on a "Private Session" when you wanted to jam to your guilty pleasures without judgment.


πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ

3. Looked up lyrics only to learn that the line you've misheard all these years is better than the real one.

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"Maybe I could be a lyricist!"

4. Lurked daily on fan forums and message boards...


Which somehow still look as they did in 2003.

5. ...where you've been drawn into heated debates like which songs are deep cuts and which are filler.


We didn't start the flame war.

6. Eagerly waited for someone to post the set list from last night's show.

And immediately searched YouTube for the most recent footage.
adrigu (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: 97793800@N00

And immediately searched YouTube for the most recent footage.

7. Gotten irrationally upset when an album you loved received a less-than-perfect review.

DeStorm Power / / Via

Honestly, how can you rate music to the nearest 10th decimal?

8. Put real effort into crafting the perfect playlist, from song order to transitions.

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The mix CD lives on!

9. Purchased a used vinyl record β€” sight unseen β€” just to complete your collection.


Does VG+++ really mean anything, anyway?

10. Endured YouTube comments like this one:

Or "_______ sent me."
xianyu118 (CC BY 3.0) / Via

Or "_______ sent me."

11. Attempted to sneak in more "challenging" music to your friends' collaborative playlists.

12. Made it through an online queue for tickets as soon as they went on sale.


Now, the "service fees" on the other hand...

13. Scoured the web for uncompressed FLAC recordings of your favorite live shows.

The Bible Animated (CC BY 3.0) / Via

"Stuck at 98.9% β€” please seed!"

14. Fallen so deep into a rabbit hole of subgenres and side projects, you don't even know how you got there.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment / Warner Home Video / Via

"No, really, how did I get here?"

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