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13 Signs You Definitely Go To School In Sacramento

Things are more relaxed here. Especially savings! When you head back to school, switch to Comcast’s XFINITY service this semester and enjoy more money in your pocket.

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1. You'll never turn down a trip to Gunther's.

Orin Zebest / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: orinrobertjohn

2. You know that there are squirrels ev-er-y-where, and they're, like, extremely friendly.

3. You've also spotted a wild turkey or two on campus.

4. You’ve lunched at The Silo Union, Burgers and Brew, and Crepeville.

CamEvans / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: toastwarrior

6. And you'll take study breaks in The Games Room.

7. You’ve got a ton of school spirit and know what it’s like to be a Panther...

8. ...or a Hornet. Stingers up!!

9. You know parking is the pits.

10. And you've taken a ride on the Sactown Hopper.

11. You're all about that Greek life.

12. You know that KDVS is the best radio station in the country.

13. And you love your city so much, you would never want to go to college anywhere else!

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