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11 Weird Things People Have Caught Their Pets Doing

"My kitten was always very curious about what lived in the toilet bowl..."

We asked people at BuzzFeed to share the strange and funny quirks they've noticed about their pet. 🐶 🐱

Here's what they said.


"I was doing test photos with my fiancé and normally very handsome dog when I snapped him making this face. I have not stopped laughing at it for two days."

—Eileen C.


"I was living in a shared house with two girls and a guy when I first moved to L.A., and one of the girls had a tiny dog named Milly who was obsessed with underwear.

"One day, I heard the guy roommate (who I didn't know very well) ask the dog what she was chewing on on the couch. I knew it was going to be bad, so I ran out and toward her to intercept, but he got there before me and pulled out of the dog's of the other girls' underwear, which Milly had ferreted out of her laundry basket.

"And because of my horrified reaction, he thought they were mine, and he couldn't look me in the eyes for a few weeks after that. But then he got over it because these things happen when you live with three women and a dog."

—Lola S.


"I continually find my kitten happily hanging out in my dirty laundry basket — especially when I've just thrown in a bunch of sweaty gym clothes.

"I mean, I'm not sure whether to read into this or not? Does he literally spend all day in there? I want to know!"

—Natalie C.


"My cat does this thing where he goes into the dark bathroom and then sits just behind the door, staring at me with one eye from the depths of the dark.

"My cat might be plotting to kill me. Or maybe he just stares into the middle distance when I'm not even there — who knows?"

—Kaye T.


"My kitten was always very curious about what lived in the toilet bowl. This was a phase. She would stretch up as high as she could and meow and meow and meow. Eventually, she got big enough to jump up inside, and the big mystery was over. I remember this as a cute and naive period in our life together."

—James L.


"One time my boyfriend was walking our dog Nick and happened to look down, and Nick had a bird in his mouth and was just looking up like, 'WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS?!'

"My boyfriend screamed, and Nick just gently put it back down like a good boy, and the bird flew away. He's never actually caught an animal in his life... I think he was genuinely surprised at himself."

—Cyndi N.


"My cat loves the bath mat, but only when it's wet. After I've had a shower, I'll walk past the bathroom, and nine times out of 10, she will be sitting like a Christmas turkey on the wet mat, absolutely content."

—Ben A.


"My parents have a family of foxes living under the barn in their backyard. Once their Spinone Italiano dog, Hazel, started seeing the babies playing in the backyard, she started bringing the mother toys outside and giving them to the baby foxes. We try to keep her from doing it now so the foxes don't get too used to friendly animals, but it's the cutest thing ever. She just wants to play!"

—Norrie C.


"We have a pretty bushy plant in our living room. Our dog hit it with his tail and shook the leaves, so he thought the plant was alive and tried to play with it. He went into his play stance, butt and tail up in the air. He kept barking at it, trying to get it to move again. The poor thing looked so sad when it didn't play back. He kept staring at it the rest of the day."

—Kristen B.


"So the other day, I came home and I went to open the window in my room because it was so hot. And I stepped in something wet, and I was like, What was that?

"Then I looked up and saw my fish bowl was no longer on my dresser. So my cat, Buttons, must have moved the five-pound iron I had in front of my door to stop him from going into my room. He must've moved that, come into the room, jumped up on the dresser, and knocked the bowl over.

"I looked down and saw the bowl, and I was like, The fish is probably dead. But it was in there, on its side in a shallow pool of water, just lying there. And it somehow managed to survive. So now I have to put a guitar amp in front of my door to stop Buttons from going in."

—Marina Z.


"When Ollie was a kitten, I came home one day and found him hugging this margarita glass. I swear this was not staged. It's funny to think of a backstory though. Like, what was he doing while I was gone all day? Was he secretly listening to Jimmy Buffett? Do you think he wants to start wearing Hawaiian shirts???"

—Ashley C.

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