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Literally Just 13 GIFs Of Cats Accidentally Packing Themselves Into Boxes

Cats = the best movers. Stay connected between homes with XFINITY Movers Edge.

All packed? Let's do this.

1. Sure, everybody knows cats love boxes.

2. But they're also, like, *really* good at packing.

3. Especially themselves.

4. Unintentionally.

5. And, well, each other too.

6. They're just so efficient, you know?

7. They don't even need packaging tape.

8. Or even a rudimentary understanding of the physical laws that govern the earth's systems.

9. Like gravity lol. 😎

10. And yet, these cats continue to fill boxes like feline packing peanuts.

11. Where are they going?

12. What are they hiding in these boxes?

13. And why — why are they always ready to skip town at a moment's notice?

If only everything else packed itself, huh? At least now when you move, you may be able to bring along your XFINITY equipment, thanks to XFINITY Movers Edge.

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