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How To Host The Ultimate Oscars® Party

Celebrate like a star from the comfort of your couch. Make XFINITY X1 your go-to destination for all Oscars® content! Don't miss the big night on ABC February 28 at 7PM EST.

Start the drama with a great invitation.

Pick your time zone and print out this invitation or make your own!

For EST click here. For CST click here. For PST click here.

Naturally, your guests should arrive by walking down a red carpet.

Decorate your apartment to show your alliances.

Make sure you get your picture taken with all the A-listers.

Your guests will be hungry, so serve up some Oscars®-inspired hors d’oeurves.

Surprise your guests with seat fillers.

Put on the ultimate Oscars® playlist.

Set up a photo booth to give everyone their moment in the spotlight.

Have people give 15-second speeches — if they talk too long, use your playlist to play ‘em out.

Write awards show trivia on cute card stock and place around the apartment.

Give realistic awards during commercial breaks.

No awards show is complete without the Oscars® Governors Ball party.

Bid your celebs farewell with a DIY swag bag.

Photography by Lennon / Stone © BuzzFeed

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