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13 Photos Of Ferocious (And Totally Not Adorable) Guard Dogs


1. These beasts are brick walls...

2. ...and cunning masters of disguise.

3. Nothing gets by them. Not on their watch.

4. Heed the sign before it's too late.

5. OK, this one's gonna have to see some form of identification there, buddy.

6. And now this guy's gotta run your name through the dispatcher.

The guard dog at my dads work 😂❤️

7. This door? No one's allowed beyond this door.

8. That means you. Step away from the door, please.

Found a very intimidating guard dog today

9. Don't make them assume the defensive position.

10. Stand back. These brutes are poised to pounce!

This is our guard dog at the vicious, WATCH OUT! #Bowser #DogsofTwitter #OfficeDog #Eyeflow

11. SIC 'EM, BOY!!!!!

Blue is the guard dog for my instruments.... He's vicious!!

12. No, not 'Lick 'em!'

@Sorcerer_Blob it's okay, we have a guard dog

13. Down, boy. 😒


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