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The 18 Things You Find At Every Grandparent's House

It's a home lost in time. Luckily, XFINITY's here to bring the family together in 2016.

1. A bowl filled with either of these iconic candies:

2. Also, this bird clock that chirps every hour:

3. The floral couch that hasn't moved in 40+ years.

4. A cookie tin used to hold buttons and other sewing supplies.

5. A cross-stitch of animals also cross-stitching.

6. These dope shades:

7. This exact same casserole dish...

8. ...and this speckled roasting pan:

9. Of course, there's a plastic-wrapped living room...

10. ...and a plastic chair mat underneath the desktop computer...

11. ...whose screensaver looks like this:

12. That one mug with a photo of you as a toddler.

13. The half gallon of maple nut ice cream in the freezer.

14. The china cabinet that you've never seen open in your lifetime.

15. The plates that just hang up there on the wall.

16. Grandpa's backscratcher...

17. ...along with his favorite armchair, complete with crocheted throw blanket.

18. And finally, a bunch of remotes for things no one can remember.

This holiday, simplify Grandma and Grandpa's clicker collection (and bring the fam together) with XFINITY.

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P.S. Call your grandparents. But first, take this survey, thx.