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11 TV Fandoms You Should Be A Part Of

The Internet has made it incredibly easy to be a superfan of your favorite TV shows. With the X1 Entertainment Operating System bringing TV and Internet together, it's even easier to get the most entertaining experience possible.

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1. Supernatural

Sergei Bachlakov / © Warner Bros. / Everett Collection
Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester Pillows / telahmarie

Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester Pillows

This show has been around for nine years, and the fandom gets more and more intense with each passing moment. Supernatural enthusiasts are so good at keeping the fandom alive that a recent episode of the series teleported the show's characters into the real world so they could interact with the fans. They straight-up broke the fourth wall in order to address how dedicated this fanbase is.

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2. Sherlock

© BBC / Everett Collection
Sherlock Cameo Necklace / GeekCameosEtc

Sherlock Cameo Necklace

For a show that only has nine episodes so far, it's got an enormous following. And no wonder — it's a gorgeous show, and smart. Plus: Benedict Cumberbatch. The Internet loves him.

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3. Downton Abbey

© Carnival Films for Masterpiece / PBS / Everett Collection
Bridal Tiara Inspired by Downton Abbey / VintageByLL

Bridal Tiara Inspired by Downton Abbey

Since it started in 2010, the British-born Downton Abbey has become one of the most widely watched television dramas in the world. The world. It makes sense — the show is melodramatic as all get-out and makes for some intensely emotionally satisfying GIFs. Enter Tumblr.

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4. American Horror Story

Michele K. Short / FX
Coven Charm Bracelet / DalyJewel

Coven Charm Bracelet

Since starting in 2011, American Horror Story has consistently succeeded in gaining a steady and viciously dedicated fanbase. Each season is its own self-contained miniseries, which is a pretty unique way to go about it. It's sort of a "can't look away" situation.

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5. Firefly

© 20th Century Fox Film Corp. / Everett Collection
Firefly Quilt / OutOfCharacterQuilts

Firefly Quilt

Set in the year 2517, Firefly is described by creator Joss Whedon as "nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things." It only lasted three months, airing 11 episodes, but people LOVED it. So much so that it spun off into a film, Serenity. It's largely considered one of the best examples of a show being cancelled too soon.

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6. Game of Thrones

Helen Sloan / ©HBO / Everett Collection
Khaleesi/Kal Drogo Quotes / StampandShine

Khaleesi/Kal Drogo Quotes

Love, war, magic, dragons. — Game of Thrones is killing it, content-wise. Fans wait with bated breath for the next season, and all of their emotional eggs are in George R. R. Martin's basket. In the meantime, there are memes to be made.

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7. Veronica Mars

Warner Bros. / Getty Images
Quote Poster / TheSilverSpider

Quote Poster

This beloved mystery show starring Kristen Bell ran from 2004 to 2007, and gained a surprisingly massive following. In fact, you may be familiar with the Internet's love for Veronica Marsfans funded the entire budget for the Veronica Mars movie through Kickstarter last year, which will hit theaters this March.

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8. Scandal

Craig Sjodin / ABC / Getty Images
Scandal Wine Glass / InclusiveRandomness

Scandal Wine Glass

Oh goodness, this show. This show will make you feel a lot of things. As you watch Olivia Pope and her gang of gladiators "fixing" stuff all over Washington, you'll be emotionally invested, enthralled, and confused about how pretty one woman could possibly be. But most of all, you'll become obsessed. The series returns in late February, and there's no shortage of online discussion to keep fans busy.

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9. Parks & Recreation

Tyler Golden / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images
Ron Swanson Poster / sap41387

Ron Swanson Poster

Recently picked up for a sixth season, Parks & Recreation has won the hearts of comedy lovers everywhere. The genuine chemistry and effortless relationships between characters make for some great GIFs. See for yourself. They're all over the Internet.

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10. Adventure Time

Cartoon Network /
Princess Bubblegum Tiara / CarryTheWhat

Princess Bubblegum Tiara

It's hard not to fall in love with Adventure Time. Jake the dog and Finn the human share a simple bond. The humor is on point. The message is uplifting. The animation — adorable. The pilot episode aired on Nicktoons in 2008, but didn't convince the higher-ups that it deserved a regular spot. The Internet gobbled it up and demanded more — and more it received. It's currently in its fifth season.

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11. Doctor Who

Adrian Rogers / ©BBC / Everett Collection / MissOwlB

First off — there are 800 episodes of Doctor Who. Eight. Hundred. That's quite a few. The series started in 1963, and save for a bit of a gap throughout the '90s and '00s, it's stronger than ever today in its fandom. There have been a total of 12 actors portraying the Doctor, and probably a billion different iterations of TARDIS products available for purchase on the Internet.

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