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11 Struggles Your Parents Had In College That You'll Never Know

Back when the only dating app was the dorm phone.

1. Do complicated math on extremely basic calculators.

2. Lug one of these into class to record a lecture:

3. Get hand cramps from taking two hours of notes...

4. Peruse card catalogs like you're in the restricted section of the Hogwarts library.

5. Have to know how to successfully operate this monstrosity:

6. Fit all classwork onto just 1.44MB of disk.

7. Call a crush's landline phone to reach them.

8. Learning about events from a physical wall.

9. Go to an actual arcade to play video games with the dormmates.

10. Or go to a video store for movie night.

11. Take graduation photos on actual film.

One thing your parents definitely could have used was a high-speed connection to the world outside their dorm. Do college like it’s 2017 and get XFINITY!