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11 Struggles Your Parents Had In College That You'll Never Know

Back when the only dating app was the dorm phone.

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1. Do complicated math on extremely basic calculators.

YouTube/SudosCreative Commons / Via

Nowadays, graphing calculators basically ace our classes for us.

2. Lug one of these into class to record a lecture:

YouTube/Cassette2Go/Creative Commons / Via

And accidentally record the lecture over a Boyz II Men cassette.

3. Get hand cramps from taking two hours of notes...

Tumblr/fuckyahreactions / Via

Now you can divvy up the note-taking load by sharing a doc with your classmates.

4. Peruse card catalogs like you're in the restricted section of the Hogwarts library.

YouTube/Work With Sounds/Creative Commons / Via

This is what online used to look like.

5. Have to know how to successfully operate this monstrosity:

YouTube/herbalinguist/Creative Commons / Via

Now that our alarm clocks are on our phones, there's an incentive not to throw them out the window in the morning.

6. Fit all classwork onto just 1.44MB of disk.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment / Via

Nothing like carrying around a plastic drink coaster in your pocket all day.

7. Call a crush's landline phone to reach them.

YouTube/nowthatsjustducky/Creative Commons / Via

And you thought dating apps were hopeless.

8. Learning about events from a physical wall.

These days, if there’s not a Facebook event page, it’s not a real thing.
Csfotoimages / Getty Images/BuzzFeed

These days, if there’s not a Facebook event page, it’s not a real thing.

9. Go to an actual arcade to play video games with the dormmates.

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Now you can play with your dormmates online without even leaving your own room.

10. Or go to a video store for movie night.

Tumblr/waterysounds / Via

Before streaming, it was extremely hard to "and chill" when you had to drive a couple miles to find the movie you wanted.

11. Take graduation photos on actual film.

YouTube/brescialeonessa/Creative Commons / Via

And without social media, the pictures would just be uploaded into a dusty photo album in the attic somewhere.

One thing your parents definitely could have used was a high-speed connection to the world outside their dorm. Do college like it’s 2017 and get XFINITY!