10 Winners In The A-CAT-Emy Awards

Award shows are the most celebrated nights on TV, and cats are the most celebrated cuties on the Internet. Just like the X1 Entertainment Operating System, we’ve brought TV and Internet together like never before, and this time we’re applauding the winning kittens in each cat-egory.

1. Excellence in Stunts


A shocker! Most people had bets on the cat driving the car.

2. Sleepiest Kitten in a Featured Nap


No surprises here, though. This little guy really put in the work.

3. Excellence in Costume Design


The things that can be done with such a tiny template — amazing.

4. Superior Acting in a Dramatic Role


Watching this feline perform is like staring into the depths of your greatest fear. Well done.

5. Best Performance in a Supporting Role


A lead is only as good as its supporting actor.

6. Excellence in Grooming


For sheer innovation.

7. Best Performance in a Comedic Role


This cat was born to make people laugh. Look at him. He’s got a soda cup on his head. Hilarious.

8. Excellence in Stealth


Away, into the night! As quickly as she came!

9. Best Original Score


This is the first nomination and win for these two young collaborators.

10. Best Animated Feature

Oblyvian / Via oblyvian.tumblr.com
Kristin Rossi / BuzzFeed

Consider your heart warmed, America.

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