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    He’s Known As America’s Simple Man. Radio Host, Author, Poet And A Man Who Suffers Greatly From Depression

    Because of This, He is on a Mission to Make Life, Business and Faith Simpler for Those Who Want to Take Part. Where Creating a Path to Success Doesn’t Need to be Difficult. It’s Where Common Sense and Simplicity Equal Success.

    1 Q: We were interested in learning more about your life including your depression, the disease Sarcodosis and why and how you felt it was important to change everything within your life and bring in what you call the Simplicity Factor, and to take it a step farther and share and promote this with countless others.

    1 A: I was diagnosed with Sarcodosis about 10 years ago. If it sounds a bit familiar to you, it might be because comedian Bernie Mac’s death was associated with it. I can tell you first hand, that it is awful and can be life-changing. What I have also learned recently is, Sarcodosis is associated with depression which I have had for a very long time.

    My depression, and I say it that way because that’s what it is, my depression, takes me to places that are lonely and dark. My thought pattern is different. The way I approach things are different. The way I sometimes speak to people can be different. Through it all, you still need to operate through your daily life which is a struggle all by itself. Because I am not feeling well, people will come up to me and ask me what is wrong and that is the worst thing anyone could do because in my situation I really don’t know what is wrong except to say, I am not feeling right. The darker and lonelier it seems to get, the worst it becomes until I reach a point of not wanting to go anywhere or speak to anyone. There are times when my thinking gets even darker. It’s tough at times to keep my head in a positive place. There is a lot of talking to myself that takes place. I joke sometimes and say, some of my best friends are the ones in my head. As crazy as this might sound, they are.

    2 Q: Is there anything that helps you get through some of the tough times with depression.

    2 A: When I was hospitalized a doctor came to me and said he thought I should try my hand at poetry. I didn’t agree and at the time I wasn’t in the best frame of mind so to speak, but I gave in and tried. To my surprise, I couldn’t stop writing and to my surprise, everything I wrote is what I would call, God poetry or Believers poetry. I didn’t know where it was coming from, but it felt great and I wanted more.

    It gives my mind an opportunity to travel so to speak. To go to places that it normally wouldn’t go to and say things that I more than likely wouldn’t say. It helps me relax which I really need at times. On the upside of things, I have been published a few times which for me is an added benefit, a feeling of accomplishment. As of this interview, I have over 200 poems written and I am not saying they are all great poems because they are not. But what I am saying is, I have had over 200 experiences of being able to travel within my mind and relax because of poetry and for that, I am grateful. In addition, I have been contacted by a few award-winning songwriters who would like to add music to my words. For me, that’s a real positive thing.

    3 Q: Are there any other writings in the works or projects besides your Simplicity Factor.

    3 A: Yes, I have two books being released at the end of 2017 and start of 2018. First one is called, “Old Dogs of the Whiskey Pie Trails.” This is a combination of short stories and poetry where every poem is directly related to a specific short story telling why it was written, who was involved and basicallydealing with that point and time of depression in my life.

    The second book is called, ‘Sometimes I’m Not OK.” This covers the topic of depression; my depression and I get personal and extremely honest within the book.

    There is also a video series in the works called, Simply Dalton. It’s a 7 to 10-minute weekly series that is broken up into three short segments and will cover not only a depression in general, but a few other topics as well. I am the reason for doing short segments is because I was a member of Toastmasters and they have what is called, Ice Breakers that are about 2 minutes in length and that is where people come up and talk off the cuff about a question they are asked. I do exactly that, and break it up into three short spots.

    At one time I was President of our chapter and when joining I said to myself that I would use this platform to be 100% honest with everything I would talk about. I did just that and it went over very well and that has helped me tremendously. Toastmasters is a great organization and I was lucky enough to have been associated with a wonderful group of people who I admire and respect very much.

    4 Q: Now to the Simplicity Factor or Project. We would like to learn more and understand how this all came to beand you became known as,America’s Simple Man.

    4 A: To start off with, you are making this into a much bigger deal than it is. It’s an idea/concept. There is No Magic or Brain surgery involved. I needed to make my life as simple as possible and because of something I heard, I followed some instructions. When done, I felt I had something very positive and thought how many people would possibly like to think in the way I was thinking about life and income. Again, I did something for myself and in the end thought just maybe a few others would like to give it a try.

    As far as America’s Simple Man, at one time in my life I was involved in the field of pro wrestling where I was known as America’s Favorite Outlaw. With me going in to this direction, a few people started calling me, America’s Simple Man. That’s it, I wish I had a more exciting answer for you, but even that is Simple.

    5 Q: You say you followed instruction, can you be more specific about that.

    5 A: I was watching television one day and seen a businessman being interviewed. At the end of the show, the host asked him if he had any advice to give to the viewers about moving forward in business and he said. If you don’t like your job, get another one. If you don’t like your life change it because it won’t change on its own. Step up and step out and create a new journey for yourself. Don’t listen to anyone who says it can’t be done because it is being done each and every day and more than likely these are the same people who complain day in and day out about how they hate their job and life while never doing a thing to help themselves. Why would you listen to someone like that? He stated, the world is a fast and changing place where earning a living today, is so much different than just 20 years ago. There are many opportunities out there in both the traditional and online business world that can earn you a great income, and many times you do not need to have any experience at all.

    He said to start off with a pencil and paper and write down a list of things that you would want your life and company to operate like if you could have it totally your way. It doesn’t matter how foolish it sounds, how simple it may be or how unreal it might come across. Review it for a few days and add to it or remove somethings. Once done, go out and search for it and if you can find something that is in the range of 75% to 80% of what you were looking for. Take a leap of faith and try.

    That’s exactly what I did and I wrote down about the type of company. That the products needed to be all internet related so there wouldn’t be any type of problem promoting the company. Because of this, there would not be any quota’s which is a major advantage. If you have a fee-based company where you pay a monthly fee to be part of that company, that is much better. With those two things alone, there wouldn’t be a need to store any products in your home or anyone’s home.The business need to be in operation for at least 10 years, be 100% debt free and be in good standing with the BBB. They needed to have a track record of paying on time, all the time and they also needed to have a compensation plan that was fair to everyone, not only a selected few at the top. Last two things, it couldn’t be time-consuming because people’s lives are already very hectic and it needed to be very inexpensive so everyone could take part. If I could find 75% to 80% of that, I might just have a winner. When all was said and done, I was astonished at the fact that I found something that not only had 100% of what I was looking for, but even more. In fact, a few days before this interview, I found a second company as well.

    6 Q: So, at this point you are now going to promote this and have your reasons on why and how. Can you explain this possibly more on a personal level?

    6 A: It’s really broken down in to or for the lack of better words, simple facts. Both because of my situation personally, and because of others who have a busy day who might not want to have that busy of a day doing something else.

    When I am not feeling right, I need something that will continue to operate even if I am not operating it at that moment. I need something that will give me the chance to jump right back in and continue doing whatever it was I was doing when I feel better and never lose a step in my success because it all comes down to a type of team effort even when folks don’t realize they are on a team.

    There are many people out there just like me who feel at times they can’t get out of their own way. This affords them the opportunity to continue in a positive direction, even when they personally can’t. I have what I call 3 Simple Steps that everyone should follow and they are simple. I also have a 5 to 25 Rule where folks hand out some information every day and set a goal of handing out that info to 5 people or 25 people. Your goal number really isn’t that important, the important factor is consistency meaning, you do it every day. And last, My 30 Second Rule. That means you speak to know one about the project for more than 30 seconds, WHY? Because there is no need to. You just walk up, say hi, introduce yourself and hand them some information and say thank you and leave. Let them read it and make the decision if they want to learn more about it and they can do so in the comfort of their own home without any pressure from anyone. Let them go to a place to read how it all can be simple, inexpensive and profitable if you only believe and keep it simple.

    As far as for those who have a busy life. Al the above applies to them as well and more than likely their life is busy because they are working two and three jobs to get by. This gives them a great advantage.

    It’s important to remember, it isn’t always important on the specific company or its products. What is important is, the length of time that the company has been in operation and its track record over the years.

    On a personal note, I never join a company for products, WHY? Because products don’t pay bills, INCOME DOES. But if those products are ones that you can use, use them, don’t be foolish.Why? Because there yours to use or not to use.

    7 Q: So, if we understand this correctly,the end result is, this all comes down to following a few basic rules or steps for those who personally don’t feel good, so they can succeed.

    7 A: NO, the end result is for people to gain success in a simple, non-stressful way. A way that doesn’t cost a lot. A way that doesn’t take up a lot of time. A way that let’s folks who don’t have experience or confidence create a positive outcome for themselves.

    It doesn’t matter if you are sick or if you flat out busy. If you are sick, this can give you time to relax and feel better. If you are busy, this can give you time to relax and enjoy life with love ones.The reason might be a little different, but the end result is the same for those who want it and or need it.

    8 Q: Would America’s Simple Man be up for a type of 90-day challenge where we would keep track of your success and others over a 90-day period. Within this challenge would be today's interview, followed by a second interview 30 days later to track the progress of not only you but others. A third interview would follow 30 days later to do the same and this would be followed by a finale interview 30 days later to bring the challenge and progress to a close. Is Doc Dalton up to the challenge?

    8 A: The answer is of course, yes. I would like the challenge and the opportunity to challenge myself as well. This would bring an additional twist to things which should be interesting to say the least.

    9 Q: Great, the challenge is on and should start 7 days after this interview is published. Exactly how far do you see this going or is there a direction much larger you would like to take this in.

    9 A: The direction just needs to be positive. It needs to help folks. This isn’t about one person going out and getting giant groups of people to participate. This is about one person, going out and getting a selected number of people to take part in the project and show them the simplicity within all this, so they can go out and recreate the same result not only for themselves, but others as well. This could be repeated over and over again, and help many. I think that is what is really important and where I would like to take it.

    10 Q: How can our readers learn more about you and your project?

    10 A: All they need to do is go to where they could learn more about myself and what I am involved in. To learn more about the project, they can visit the project's webpage at: They can also get to our faceBook and Twitter pages as well.

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