• Nobodytoyou

      I can’t believe how many people are missing from your list, especially more well known actors: Lucy Liu, Manu Bennett, Melinda Clarke, Kathryn Morris, Selma Blair, David Franklin, Craig Parker, Anthony Quinn, Roma Downey, Marton Csokas, Jeremy Roberts, Nathaniel Lees, Stephen Lovatt, Jacqueline Kim, Shiri Appleby, Victoria Pratt, Claire Stansfield, Adrienne Wilkinson, and on and on and on…. Although, pointing out NZ actors in Raimi/Tapert NZ filmed productions is really just obvious. Xena/Hercules/Young Hercules/Jack of All Trades/Cleopatra 2525/Legend of the Seeker/Spartacus-you can play “Spot the Kiwi” in near every episode. One really shouldn’t be surprised thataNZ actor was on Xena and or Hercules and also any other American production in NZ.Ipromise you EVERY American production in NZ will have at least one actor who was on Herc and/or Xena. ;) And Cupid also appeared on Xena (twice), butIwould agree that Karl was better known for Caesar (who also appeared on Hercules). He was also Maell in the Xena ep “Altared States.”

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