11 Ways You Know You’re A Gamer

Videogaming might have had humble beginnings, but these days there’s a lot only true gamers will understand. Here’s a “Start.” Don’t miss out on the next generation of gaming—preorder an Xbox One today.

1. If you have died of dysentery more times than you can count.

2. If you refer to the 2nd floor of your house as level 2.


Courtesy of Brøderbund



3. If you know someone who’s taken an arrow to the knee.

Bethesda Game Studios / Via youtube.com

4. If you know the number one cause of accidents on the road is actually banana peels.

5. If troubleshooting = blowing into the cartridge.

Josh Fjelstad

6. If you know the cake is a lie.

Valve Corporation / Via youtube.com

7. If you consider getting out of bed early on a Saturday an achievement unlocked.

8. If you hear “up up” and instinctively think “down down left right.”

Konami / Via youtube.com

9. If your definition of “home videos” are the in-game DVR clips of your headshots.

Courtesy of Activision

10. If you refer to slow walkers as “laggers.”

11. If you skipped work on November 22, 2005.

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