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11 Things Guaranteed To Happen To Any Driver In Australia

"Did that guy just flip me the bird?" New Forza Horizon 3 set in Australia. Available 1 September.

1. Getting cut off by a taxi driver who has no clue and comes out of nowhere.

2. Finding a damn spider somewhere in your car.

3. The potential for your seat belt to burn you is always present during summer...

4. ...or your steering wheel.

5. Receiving and giving the classic courtesy wave while merging.

6. Getting beeped at two seconds after the light has JUST turned green.

7. Eventually there will be peeing on the side of a highway during a road trip of some sort.

8. You'll be blinded by the sun at some stage.

9. Someone somewhere at a red is going to try to challenge you to a drag race.

10. Running into the teens who love a good burnout in an abandoned parking lot or doing hot laps of the shops.

11. Always getting sand in your car. No matter how careful you are.

New Forza Horizon 3. Set in Australia for the first time ever. Out 27 September.

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